Workers' Daily Internet Edition, Year 2000 No. 1, January 10, 2000

Announcing the Workers’ Daily Internet Edition

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Announcing the Workers’ Daily Internet Edition

Public Release of "The Line of March to a New Society": An Event of Broad and Far-Reaching Significance

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Announcing the Workers’ Daily Internet Edition

We are very pleased to announce that, by decision of the Central Committee of RCPB(ML), the Internet Edition of the newspaper of the Party is, with this issue, to be posted daily. It is to be called the Workers’ Daily Internet Edition.

This decision has been made as a component part of the work to strengthen and consolidate the Party’s newspaper. In particular, it is to respond to the increased tempo of the movement against the anti-social offensive, as well as the stepped up programme of reaction by the bourgeoisie nationally and internationally, by also increasing the tempo of the Party’s cutting-edge work. It is in line with the decision of the 4th Plenum of the Party that the Party’s programme must respond to this increased tempo by also increasing the tempo of its work. This work means stepping up the progress of the Party along its line of march. It is to facilitate the acceleration of the line of march and is carried out as part of maximising the Party’s plan, which has as its cutting edge to Improve the Content, Extend the Readership of the newspaper.

In launching the Workers’ Daily Internet Edition, we aim to fulfil the needs of the Party activists, the working class and people, for news and analysis on a daily basis so as to assist in their organising work and in raising their ideological and political level. We welcome views and contributions from all interested in the forward march of society in this new millennium.

We also take this opportunity to wish all our readers a Happy New Year and success in all their work.

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Public Release of "The Line of March to a New Society":

An Event of Broad and Far-Reaching Significance

It marked a fitting beginning to the work of RCPB(ML) in the new century that the Party organised on Saturday, January 8, the launch and public release of the book "The Line of March to a New Society". This document comprises the Political Report to the Party’s 3rd Congress on the Work of the Central Committee. The Report was adopted at the Congress in March last year, and in its published form reflects also the contributions made to it by the deliberations of the Congress.

Front Cover of Political Report The public release of the book took the form of a rally and a millennium social held at the Conway Hall in London. This venue was also where both the Party’s general line document, There Is a Way Out of the Crisis, and its Draft Programme for the Working Class were launched. This could not fail to have been in the minds of those comrades and activists of the Party who had been present on those occasions, reflecting on how the Party was continuing to advance along its line of march, despite all the pressures in capitalist society to deviate from or abandon altogether this path, a path which prepares to bring about a socialist Britain in the 21st century. The Party had held its 3rd Congress and was here publishing its most important conclusions and deliberations, a book which itself would become an instrument to provide impetus and theoretical and practical guidance to the tasks of preparing for the revolutionary storms which this new century holds in store. To those activists and sympathisers who had not been at those occasions or were new to the Party’s work, including the youth of the 1990s who are setting out on the work to build a bright future for themselves in this century, the occasion also held a great excitement as they shared with the Party its vision of a new society, a society where their affirmation can be given a concrete reality.

The theme which imbued the whole occasion was of the necessity to begin the 21st century by redoubling the work to open the path to a new society, a socialist society. So at the same time as the launch was full of optimism for the future, it also brought home to the participants the scale of the work which lies ahead and strengthened the determination to carry out that work with honour and consolidate the Party as that subjective force which is the most decisive in the preparation for the coming revolutionary storms.

The rally was opened by Chris Coleman, National Spokesperson of RCBP(ML), who welcomed everyone who had come from up and down the country, from the regions, as well as from Ireland and from Europe, to attend the event. The main presentation was given by a representative of the Central Committee, who spoke to the Report. He explained that the significance of the 3rd Congress as we start the new millennium is that it has opened up the line of march that will take us to a new society, a socialist Britain, and that is why the Party had given the Congress Report the title, "The Line of March to a New Society". Pointing out that the 21st century ahead will be a century of unprecedented revolutionary transformations, he said that the task before us is to prepare the subjective conditions for revolution. The Political Report, he said, brings out that it is the work of the Party and its Central Committee which brought us to the 3rd Congress and has enabled us to stand on our own feet. In the tasks ahead which are required to lift society out of the crisis and open the door to a socialist Britain, what is necessary is that RCPB(ML) be consolidated on the new historical basis. He went on to highlight that to go into the 21st century on the basis of Tony Blair’s "Third Way" is actually to deny that there is an aim in society, and to offer no future for the broad masses of the people. The Political Report, he said, pays particular attention to exposing the illusions of the "Third Way" which are designed to conciliate the class struggle and create illusions about the capitalist system, that the crisis can be overcome within its confines. He underlined that the Report stresses that it is now more than ever crucial that the working class and people of Britain unite in a consistent programme against Tony Blair’s "Third Way". At the same time, all serious groups and individuals should work to strengthen and consolidate the communist and workers’ movement in Britain. In his presentation, the representative of the Central Committee highlighted the importance of the independent programme of the working class, Stop Paying the Rich – Increase Investments in Social Programmes! He stressed the importance of not turning that programme itself into a series of policy objectives but of organising the working class in occupying the space for change on appropriate fronts of that programme. He emphasised the plan of the Party to build itself in the heart of the working class, and the importance of the cutting-edge work to Improve the Content, Extend the Readership of the Party’s newspaper in this connection.

Carrying on with this theme, in conclusion the Central Committee representative announced the launching of a millennium project for the Party. The Party is to establish and build a Workers’ Resource Centre to assist the work of building groups of writers and disseminators of the newspaper in the working class and other sections of the people. It is also launching the Workers’ Daily Internet Edition of the newspaper. Finally, and most importantly, it is launching a further development of the Party’s press project to build a fully professional publishing house to serve the needs of the working class and communist movement and the movement for enlightenment and in defence of the rights of all which the developments of the 21st century will demand.

Following the presentation, a number of enthusiastic contributions were given by a number of individuals and organisations, including one from the Workers’ Weekly Youth Group, who pointed out that the Party at its 3rd Congress had said the youth need their collectives to put forward their own agenda, and the youth have established their collective and the work has begun.

After a break where the hall buzzed with discussion as the book, "The Line of March to a New Society" was bought, admired and read, a millennium social was organised in evening. A beautiful meal was served and a cultural programme held. The social was held in a very comradely and optimistic atmosphere and concluded with singing and dancing.

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