Year 2000 No. 104, July 3, 2000

The Way Forward for Youth and Students

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The Way Forward for Youth and Students

Commemorative Meeting to Pay Tribute to Comrade Kim Il Sung

Letter to Comrade Kim Jong Il on the Anniversary of the Passing of Comrade Kim Il Sung

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The Way Forward for Youth and Students

There is no lack of discussion among youth and students. The broadest sections are questing and trying to find the way forward. But they are being made to focus on issues which do not assist in solving their problems, problems which are inseparably connected with the kind of society that exists. The necessity arises for the youth to focus on issues that train themselves to begin the work to organise a bright future for themselves, to end their marginalisation and allow them to become full participants in creating a new society.

Youth and students are also coming forward to join modern communism, and it is vital that they should do so. This is not in contradiction with organising the broad masses of the youth to fight against the anti-social offensive and to fight against the capitalist system which gives rise to their marginalisation and discounts their views. What unites the two is the necessity to organise a revolutionary youth and student movement which will assist in opening the door to a new society. It is taking up this work which will itself raise the level of discussion among the youth.

The youth and students made a start in this work when they held the meeting "The Future Belongs to the Youth!" in October last year and resolved to set up the Preparatory Committee for a National Conference of Youth and Students.

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Commemorative Meeting to Pay Tribute to Comrade Kim Il Sung

The Korea Friendship and Solidarity Campaign (KFSC) held a well-attended meeting at the Conway Hall in London on Saturday, July 1, to mark the anniversary of the passing away of President Kim Il Sung on July 8, 1994.

The meeting was chaired by Keith Bennett, Chairman of the KFSC, and the Permanent Representative and Deputy Permanent Representative of the DPRK Mission to the International Maritime Organisation in London attended as guests of honour.

In his opening address, Keith Bennett outlined the life and work of President Kim Il Sung. He also focused on the present situation, especially last month’s North-South Summit. He explained how, when Comrade Kim Il Sung and his guerrilla comrades in arms were enduring having to sleep in the snow and under the stars during the struggle to liberate the country from Japanese imperialism, they never, even in their worst nightmares, dreamed that the great event of national liberation would be followed by the tragedy of partition. President Kim Il Sung had said that since the day the country was divided, there had not been a single day when he had not thought about how to resolve this problem. Keith Bennett pointed out that now the North-South Summit has also underlined the way that Comrade Kim Jong Il has been successfully working for the same cause. Referring to the fact that the United States and Britain have stated that they welcome the Summit and the Joint Declaration, Keith Bennett stressed, "We must do what we can, responsibly, to ensure that, in this instance, our government’s deeds match its words."

Following his address, all participants stood for one minute’s silence, after which the Song of General Kim Il Sung was played.

In his speech, Andy Brooks, General Secretary of the New Communist Party, emphasised that Kim Il Sung was both a great man and a great leader. He said that the lasting tribute to Kim Il Sung is actually to be seen in the people of Democratic Korea and the Party which he led, the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Chris Coleman, National Spokesperson of RCPB(ML), who spoke next, stressed that the North-South Summit was a victory for the DPRK and the Korean people, achieved by adhering firmly to the correct line laid down by Comrade Kim Il Sung. Chris Coleman called for concerted efforts to ensure that Britain open full diplomatic relations with the DPRK and for continued campaigning to force all US troops to leave Korea.

Mushtaq Lasharie, Chairman of Third World Solidarity, and Len Aldis, General Secretary of the Britain-Vietnam Friendship Society, also addressed the meeting.

The final speaker was Eric Trevett, Honorary President of the KFSC, who, as then leader of the NCP had led its delegation to the DPRK in 1990, said that Comrade Kim Il Sung had played an important role in rallying the revolutionary and progressive forces of the world following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The meeting received a message of warm greetings and total solidarity from Professor Mohammed Arif, General Secretary of the British Afro-Asian Solidarity Organisation (BAASO). Professor Arif, who met President Kim Il Sung in 1990, had been due to speak at the meeting, but was unfortunately prevented by illness.

The meeting adopted a letter to Comrade Kim Jong Il, the text of which is reproduced below.

The meeting was followed by a reception in a lively and friendly atmosphere.

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Letter to Comrade Kim Jong Il on the Anniversary of the Passing of Comrade Kim Il Sung

July 1 2000
Comrade Kim Jong Il
General Secretary of the CC, WPK
Chairman of the National Defence Commission, DPRK
DPR Korea

Dear Comrade Kim Jong Il

Today, friends of Korea from various walks of life have gathered in London to remember the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung as we approach the anniversary of his passing away.

Those of us who had the honour of being received by President Kim Il Sung in his lifetime, and all those in attendance, recalled the life and work of the President with great respect and profound emotion, and resolved, in his memory, to intensify the work of building friendship and solidarity with the Korean people.

While recalling President Kim Il Sung’s tireless patriotic and internationalist efforts for the reunification of the country, the participants acclaimed with great joy and enthusiasm, the successful North-South Summit held in your capital city of Pyongyang last month, as well as the historic Joint Declaration signed by yourself and President Kim Dae Jung. We take this opportunity to once again congratulate you on these events, which we regard as tribute to the correct and far-sighted policies and principles laid down by President Kim Il Sung, and also as a vivid manifestation of your tireless and energetic leadership and wise guidance, that has successfully steered the ship of state in the DPRK through unprecedented trials and ordeals, so that a bright new vista has now come into view, shining clearly over the horizon and bringing a characteristic broad smile to the ever radiant image of President Kim Il Sung.

This new situation also creates more favourable conditions in which to enhance and develop the friendship between our two countries and peoples and we will work seriously in pursuit of that goal in the days ahead.

Taking this opportunity to renew to you the assurances of our highest consideration, we wish you a long life in good health, and salute the eternal memory of the President.

Keith Bennett

Korea Friendship and Solidarity Campaign of Britain
On behalf of all participants

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