Year 2000 No. 105, July 4, 2000

Korean North-South Summit a Blow against Imperialism

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Korean North-South Summit a Blow against Imperialism

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Korean North-South Summit a Blow against Imperialism

Speech by Chris Coleman of RCPB(ML) at KFSC Meeting, July 1, 2000

Below we reprint the speech given by the National Spokesperson of RCPB(ML), Chris Coleman at the Commemorative Meeting to Pay Tribute to Comrade Kim Il Sung, organised by the Korea Friendship and Solidarity Campaign on July 1. For report of meeting, see yesterday’s WDIE.

Dear Comrades and Friends:

We are very honoured to join with the other speakers, with our Korean comrades, and with all of you here in paying tribute to the life and work of the great leader President Kim Il Sung. It is both a solemn and a joyous occasion; a celebration. The greatness of Kim Il Sung, so well illustrated by the previous speakers, can be seen in the achievements of his successors, and at no time more so than the last month. The immensely successful holding of the North-South Summit in Pyongyang on June 14-15 and the signing of the Joint Declaration were a great victory for the Korean people and their leadership. They were achieved by adhering without the slightest wavering to the guidelines for reunification laid down by Kim Il Sung, something so dear to his heart as Keith Bennett has pointed out. And in no way compromising the other tenets he held so dear regarding defending the independence and sovereignty of the country, and defending and building the socialist system which the people of the DPRK have chosen. Whatever the obstacles which subsequently are put in place to frustrate progress, and undoubtedly there will be many, in our opinion these events are a hugely important first step towards reunification upon which the people of the DPRK, their party, the Workers’ Party of Korea, and their great leader, Kim Jong Il, are to be very warmly congratulated.

The events are also a mighty blow against the schemes of imperialism, especially that of the United States and Britain, to maintain tension on the Korean peninsula, to isolate the DPRK and label it a "rogue" state, and to justify the continued presence of US forces in the south in line with the strategic aim to dominate Asia and the world. The way in which the summit was conducted also proved a blow against the slanderous propaganda of the monopoly-controlled media against the DPRK, its people and its leader, which seeks to sow prejudice and disinformation in the minds of democratic people. As such these events are an important contribution to the world-wide anti-imperialist struggle.

There have, as we know, been other positive developments recently, among them the fact that British officials are holding talks with those of the DPRK, the lifting of some US sanctions, the welcome in Downing Street and the White House given to the summit. As Keith has pointed out, it is incumbent on all progressive forces to maturely apply pressure on the British and American governments to put their words into deeds and to go further to establish full diplomatic relations with the DPRK. But there can be no illusions about the nature of imperialism. This month has also seen the 50th anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War. And as the Memorandum recently issued by the DPRK government incontrovertibly shows, the responsibility for that terrible crime against humanity and its as-yet unresolved consequences must be laid at the door of the US government, supported by the British Labour government of the time and all subsequent British governments, including this one. The current policies of the US and British governments to impose on the peoples of the whole world their "Third Way" or "Progressive Governance" on behalf of the financial oligarchies and their monopolies threaten further terrible conflict and world war. Pressure must be put on the governments to put their current words of peace into deeds. The main demand must be that the United States withdraw its forces immediately from the south of Korea as the major contribution to achieving peaceful reunification. It is up to the world’s people too, including the British working class and people, to rise up and under the banner of the rights of the workers and the rights of the world’s peoples, take the matter into their own hands and settle scores with imperialism once and for all.

Thus we can best honour the memory of the great leader, Kim Il Sung. Thank you.

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