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Labour Party Conference

What Choice is Gordon Brown Offering?

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Labour Party Conference
What Choice is Gordon Brown Offering?

Dudley Hospital Workers Vote to Escalate Strike Action Against PFI

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Labour Party Conference

What Choice is Gordon Brown Offering?

In his speech on the economy at the Labour Party conference yesterday, Chancellor Gordon Brown declared that Britain is required to make a choice.

According to the Chancellor, the choice is whether ‘to build long term stability and invest in hospitals, schools and strong public services for all’ or ‘to put both stability and public services at risk by irresponsible tax promises, which if implemented will cut billions from hospitals, schools and our core services.’ In Gordon Brown’s opinion there should be a great national debate about this choice, by which he no doubt means that these will be some of the key issues which the bourgeois political parties will debate in the run up to the next election.

In his speech the Chancellor suggested that it was necessary to make this choice in order to realise the goals of full employment, an end to pensioner and child poverty, to provide ‘educational opportunity for all’, and ‘the best health service for each of us.’ At the same time he made it clear that the government’s ‘values’ remained the same and spoke arrogantly of what he clearly viewed as New Labour’s economic successes, including investing in education, health and other social programmes, even though it is these sectors of the economy that have borne the brunt of the anti-social offensive, leading to increasingly wide-scale protests and opposition.

But the real issue is not the choice offered by Gordon Brown, nor that which will be offered by the parties of the rich at the next election. The key issue, which is never mentioned, is the direction of the economy itself, which is fundamental to solving the problems facing society and to guaranteeing the well-being of the people. All the political parties of the rich agree that the economy should be geared to paying the rich, to meeting the needs of the monopolies and oligopolies based on the making of maximum capitalist profit. The task facing the working class and people is not to be bound by the choices offered by the representatives of the rich but to set their own agenda and put forward their own alternative programme for a new socialist society, where the people are empowered to decide on the direction of the economy in order to satisfy the people’s needs.

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Dudley Hospital Workers Vote to Escalate Strike Action Against PFI

WDIE has received the following report.

On September 22, striking UNISON members at Dudley Group of Hospitals voted overwhelmingly to further escalate their strike action against PFI transfers to another 10 day strike. Details will be made available over the week end.

They also voted to request a national levy of all UNISON members and to call for national support for a demonstration in Dudley, together with a conference on fighting PFI and privatisation.

Solidarity is the key to winning in Dudley. The Trust are dug in under instruction from the New Labour Government. However there are signs that their position is being undermined. When a 100 strong contingent of strikers went to demonstrate at the Department of Health on Wednesday a delegation of strikers met with the Health Minister John Denham. This and requests for meetings next week form Dudley Labour MPs indicates that the politicians are worried about the potential for solidarity with Dudley generalising. The New labour government has already had a nasty shock from the fuel crisis. The strike holds the possibility of a generalisation in the Dudley area at least, threatening New Labour with the loss of seats, as appears to be happening in neighbouring Kidderminster.



Please send donations and messages of support to UNISON Dudley Group of Hospitals, Wordsley Hospital, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY8 5QX. Tel/fax 01384 244350. E-mail
Cheques payable to UNISON Dudley Group of Hospitals

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