Year 2000 No.17, February 1, 2000

Programme of Workers’ Resource Centre Published

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Programme of Workers’ Resource Centre Published


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Programme of Workers’ Resource Centre Published

On Monday, January 31, the Workers’ Resource Centre published its programme, in line with the decision of the Central Committee to establish and build such a Centre. WDIE is very pleased to publish the Programme below, and encourages workers, youth and other progressive people to come and use the Workers’ Resource Centre in the course of their organising work. The resources of the Centre are also available by phoning 020 7627 0599, or e-mailing

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The programme of the Workers’ Resource Centre is based on fulfilling the needs of the communist and workers’ movement.

At this time, in our estimation, these needs take certain definite forms.

The crisis of the capitalist system is intensifying, and in this present stage of capitalism, the pay-the-rich economy, the anti-social offensive, the programme of privatisation, neo-liberalism and globalisation, is exacerbating all the underlying contradictions. In this situation, RCPB(ML) has as its slogan that there is a way out of the crisis. It is to build a pro-social programme, which is summed up in the rallying call to Stop Paying the Rich – Increase Investments in Social Programmes! Through taking this programme through to the end, a path will be opened up, a line of march, to a socialist Britain, with a planned economy where the workers control what they produce and where the people hold sovereign power.

The needs of the communist and workers’ movement lie both in developing the pro-social programme to achieve its aim and in building the conditions whereby the line of march will give rise to a socialist Britain. In fulfilling these needs the workers and other sections of society need resources, both human and material. The programme of the Workers’ Resource Centre is geared to this end.

In particular, therefore, the programme of the Workers’ Resource Centre is geared to two things. One is to provide resources for the development of the pro-social programme, elaborating what are the solutions to the problems of that society is faced with in the course of exposing how this society pays the rich and what are the blocks to the further development of society. The second is to provide resources for the establishing, organising and development of groups of writers and disseminators, who set their own agenda arising from their own experience, raising the level of discussion on this agenda, so that within the programme of the working class to lift society out of the crisis, the subjective conditions for revolution are created.

We call on workers, youth, women, to assist in building the Workers’ Resource Centre. We call on all activists of RCPB(ML) to formulate their views in the course of their work on how the Workers’ Resource Centre can best be developed to assist in the organising of groups of writers and disseminators of Workers’ Weekly and Workers’ Daily Internet Edition.

Material Resources of the Workers’ Centre

(i) A workers’ library of the classics of Marxism-Leninism, as well as other contemporary communist and progressive literature from Britain and around the world; material on the International Communist Movement, and the history and development of the workers’ and communist movement world-wide; theoretical and other material.

(ii) Research material and resources.

(iii) Photocopying and computer facilities.

(iv) Equipment for the production of pamphlets; and the publication of the WRC’s own pamphlets.

(v) The WRC will develop its capacity to provide Internet availability, a database of facts, figures and articles, training on DTP programmes, and full-time director.

Human and Informational, and Research and Investigative Resources of the Resource Centre

(i) Discussion on the problems connected with the communist and workers’ movement, aspects of Contemporary Marxist-Leninist Thought, and questions of organising.

(ii) Ongoing work of research and investigation on:

a) The Pay-the-Rich Economy and the Socialist Planned Economy

National debt; Bank of England, other banks and other financial institutions; Militarisation and the arms trade; Private Finance Initiative; National and international trade; Inward and outward investment; Monopolisation and mergers; Jobs and income; Working conditions; Social programmes and the anti-social offensive; etc.

b) The Unrepresentative and Archaic Political Processes and Institutions and Democratic Renewal and Modern Sovereign States

Political processes and institutions; The need for a modern constitution; The need for modern sovereign states; People’s empowerment; Rights and duties of citizens and residents; Anti-social and anti-working-class legislation, etc.

c) International Relations and Struggles of the Peoples Internationally

Economic, political and military blocs such as the EU, the WTO and NATO; International financial institutions, such as the IMF; Britain’s role in and relationship to these blocs; Britain’s colonial and neo-colonial relations; The UN and its democratisation; Values governing international relations; Struggles of the peoples internationally and the experience of those peoples building the social systems of their choice, such as Cuba and the DPRK; etc.

(iii) Ideological and theoretical work, such as on social democracy and the "Third Way".

(iv) The WRC will also develop its capacity to provide advice and resources for the differently abled.

(v) The WRC can also assist in providing modern music, poetry and other forms of culture which will contribute to the struggles of the workers and others in motion in opening the door to progress.

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