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The Road of the October Revolution Remains the Path to the New Society

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The Road of the October Revolution Remains the Path to the New Society

Northern Regional Forum Prepares for National Consultative Conference

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The Road of the October Revolution Remains the Path to the New Society

November 7 marks the 83rd anniversary of the Great October Revolution. This revolution, led by Lenin and the Bolshevik Party, took place on October 25 in the old Russian calendar, 1917.

Even though the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics belongs to the last century, the revolution which created it is by no means consigned to history. The path which the October Revolution opened up in the 20th century is one which remains valid and which the workers and oppressed people are destined to blaze in the 21st century.

Imperialism and reaction strives to keep this road to progress blocked. As the capitalist crisis deepens and broadens all over the world, the international financial oligarchy and the reactionary bourgeoisie of each country are pursuing the anti-social offensive, not to solve the crisis but to perpetuate their system. When the objective conditions are crying out that capitalism needs to be transformed to socialism through social revolution, there are those whose constant theme is that everything should be done in society except that the working class should establish socialism. There are also those who conciliate with this reactionary thesis by suggesting that the working class can be organised in any way except that of leading the whole of society to carry out political and democratic renewal of the whole social system.

What the experience of the October Revolution proved in practice was the validity to the theory worked out by Marx and Engels, that the working class cannot seize hold of the ready-made apparatus of the bourgeois state and use it for its own purposes. It is palpably true in Britain today and throughout the world where archaic political institutions and processes are in place, that these state machines represent and embody the Old. They are an obstruction to the progress of society, and the New must come into being giving rise to entirely different political institutions and processes which represent and embody the sovereignty of the people and smashing the old and archaic state apparatus.

It is the working class who, as in the October Revolution, must become the leading class in the nation. The working class must constitute itself as the nation, vesting sovereignty in the people, and, as in the Soviet Union in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, take hold of what belongs to it and use its state power to build a socialist society where the rights of all are recognised and guaranteed.

As the anniversary of the Great October Revolution is celebrated for the first time in the new millennium, it is necessary to reaffirm that the character of our era has not changed. It remains the era of imperialism and proletarian revolution. Revolution is the main content of this era. The duty of the communists is to prepare for the coming revolutionary storms which lie ahead in the near future. Such preparation will only succeed by advancing along the line of march opened up by the Great October Revolution.

WDIE expresses the firm conviction that advancing along this path, guided in action by the theory of Contemporary Marxist-Leninist Thought, social revolution led by the working class to transform society from capitalism to socialism will win victory. The 21st century will give rise to unprecedented revolutionary transformations. Such revolutions may break out in any part of the globe, in the advanced capitalist countries, or in countries not so developed. But it is certain that the predictions of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels that the overthrow of the bourgeoisie is inevitable and that the bourgeoisie has above all created its own gravediggers, the proletariat, will be proved true once again.

On this 83rd anniversary of the Great October Revolution, WDIE extends its communist greetings to the working class of all lands, and to all those peoples who are struggling to build the socialist systems of their choice and to defend their sovereignty and independence. The path of the October Revolution is the one which will empower humanity and ensure that human history is created by human beings themselves. The final victory of socialism and the revolution is inevitable.

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Northern Regional Forum Prepares for National Consultative Conference

The Northern Regional Committee of RCPB(ML) has informed WDIE that it is to hold its next Regional Forum shortly.

The Forum is aimed at involving activists and friends of the Party in the political preparation for the National Consultative Conference to be held on the weekend of December 9-10. Items placed on the agenda by members of the Forum at its last meeting are fully in line with this aim. Summing up the work so far will be of great importance in preparing to contribute to the discussion at the National Consultative Conference with its theme of The Crystallisation of the Party's Tasks.

The Forum will discuss the stage of the work to build the Party in the heart of the working class, and to involve the working class and youth of the North East in characterising their conditions. It will address these questions and put forward solutions as the way to develop the Mass Party Press in the region and contribute to building the revolutionary movement.

The Forum will discuss the work to consolidate the Party on the new historical basis and in particular the work to develop the Party Forum as well as the political work of the basic organisations of the Party in the region. Consideration will be given to the negative phenomenon that workers are being encouraged to think of ways to ensure that the Labour Party is going to be elected again. Therefore, on the agenda will be the question of how can the workers be organised to take a stand, when the next election comes, so that they see that it is not the parliamentary parties but they themselves as worker politicians who hold the solution to the problems that the country faces. The Forum will raise the question of the call of the Party for the communists, class conscious workers, progressive and democratic people to come together to form one mass communist party as the decisive factor in preparing the subjective conditions for revolution.

The Northern Regional Committee of RCPB(ML) considers that the conditions exist in the region to prepare extremely well for the Conference and we think that it is very important that all activists and friends of the Party in the region make their contribution to these preparations.

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