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National Consultative Conference 2000

An Invitation to Participate

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National Consultative Conference 2000: An Invitation to Participate

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National Consultative Conference 2000

An Invitation to Participate

The need of the time is for a Mass Communist Party armed with a Mass Party Press. This is the analysis and call of RCPB(ML) as it issues an invitation to all the communists, to the class-conscious workers, and to everyone aspiring to a new society, to participate in its National Consultative Conference 2000. The Conference takes place on the weekend of December 9-10.

This line of march arises out of the decisions of the 3rd Congress of RCPB(ML). Throughout the Party and its circles, activists and sympathisers have been grappling with what is necessary to advance along this line of march. The theme of the National Consultative Conference 2000, "The Crystallisation of the Party’s Tasks", reflects that the time is now for everyone to participate in defining those tasks in a clear and concrete form. What has also emerged is that these tasks are centred around building a Mass Party Press in the context of consolidating the Communist Party for Britain on a new historical basis. This is why the Party is giving the call for all those concerned with advancing the communist and workers’ movement to participate in this important National Consultative Conference 2000.

The progressive and democratic forces have entered the 21st century with the aspiration of occupying the space for change, and moving forward to a society that places the needs of the masses of the people as its central concern. But the financiers and the forces of reaction have entered it with the plan to put into place arrangements that will step up the anti-social offensive and reverse the gains that humanity made in the 20th century. Which will win out? What will be decisive is the extent to which the masses of the people, with the working class at their head, are drawn into setting the agenda for society.

It is with this orientation that RCPB(ML) is holding its National Consultative Conference 2000. It is in this historical and political context that the Party is giving a call to those concerned about the direction of society and interested in making a difference to participate and join together in summing up their experience.

For further details about how to participate, get in touch with the National Office of RCPB(ML) at 170 Wandsworth Road, London SW8 2LA, call in at John Buckle Books at the same address, telephone 020 7627 0599, or e-mail

Forward into the 21st Century!

For a Socialist Britain!

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