Year 2000 No. 47, March 14, 2000

Now that the Party and its Cadres Are in Place

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Now that the Party and its Cadres Are in Place

CILRECO’s Presidency Meeting

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Now that the Party and its Cadres Are in Place

It has been the greatest achievement of the Party that it has established itself as an instrument of revolution. It is in this that its vitality lies. To establish the Party on this basis means that ultimately it is unshakeable and has the working class and mass of the people with it.

RCPB(ML) is a party which is founded on the conviction that it is not the adoption of one hundred and one positions external to itself which will guarantee that a new society will be brought about. It is not a propaganda sect either which pushes its own interests in the workers’ and people’s movements, and comments on all that is bad in society.

The Party is a pro-active organisation which has revolutionised itself anew, so that it and all its cadres are in place as a revolutionary instrument at the service of the working class for their emancipation and the establishment of socialism. It is taking up the greatest task of settling scores with the old conscience of society as the condition for opening the path for the progress of society. On the basis of the concrete conditions of society, it is setting its programme and involving everyone in elaborating it and carrying it through. The Party regards its consolidation on the new historical basis and its revolutionisation on a continuous basis as the number one condition for the victory of the pro-social programme and the establishment of a socialist Britain.

To this end the Party at this time is involved in working out and implementing its Millennium Project which is integral to the consolidation of the Party on the new historical basis and to its transformation into a mass communist Party. This step is the most vital and essential one at this time in order to achieve the victory of the pro-social programme and to establish a socialist Britain, based on modern sovereign states, with the working class constituting itself the nation, and with sovereignty vested in the people, which dictates that society is run with the people’s concerns at the centre. The Millennium Project is the most indispensable project for the Party in this opening period of the 21st century.

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CILRECO’s Presidency Meeting

In its latest bulletin, No. 301, February 2000, just received, "For a reunified and independent Korea", The International Liaison Committee for Reunification and Peace in Korea (CILRECO) carries an article on its Presidency meeting, held in Paris on February 5, 2000, which launched an appeal to the international community in favour of the respect of the sovereignty of the Korean nation, the withdrawal of all the American troops from South Korea, and the peaceful reunification of Korea, a factor of international security and peace. The articles follows:

People of different political views from different continents met in Paris on February 5th, at the annual session of the Presidency of the international movement of solidarity with the Korean people, to assess the situation in the Korean peninsula and the evolution of the reunification problem.

Members of the progressive forces from different countries expressed at this meeting their serious concerns over the persistence, on the eve of the new century, of the arbitrary division of the Korean nation. They described the current situation as a real challenge to the right of people to self-determination in accordance with the basic principles of the Charter of the United Nations.

The participants reaffirmed that this division of Korea, the source of numerous problems for the entire nation, and a potential threat to stability in Asia and international security, is, at this day and age, an unacceptable affront to humanity.

Accordingly, they have taken steps to encourage people world-wide to support the patriotic struggle of the Korean people, and to incite them to intervene with the international community to make it assume its responsibilities towards the Korean nation.

In his opening speech, Honorary President M. Amar BENTOUMI, former Algerian Minister of Justice and President of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers, emphasised the responsibility of the United Nations for this long-lasting division of Korea.

Namely, he mentioned that the resolution of the 30th General Assembly of the United Nations, held in 1975, had not yet been applied, even though it had recommended some positive measures for the solution of the "Korean problem", such as the dismantling of the commanding forces of the UN in Korea, the withdrawal of all foreign troops (the American troops stationed in South Korea), and the replacement of the 1953 armistice agreement by a peace treaty.

"What gives the right to the US troops stationed in South Korea to use the UN flag?" he said, denouncing the illegality of this 55 year long military occupation, defying the sovereignty of the Korean nation.

M. BENTOUMI also questioned the accuracy of information denigrating systematically the D.P.R.K. and its policies, and cited examples proving that often it was a question of "unwarranted allegations" and unsubstantiated accusations. Honorary President of CILRECO ended his opening speech by saying:

"Despite all the attempts to carry out ‘the unification of Korea’ according to projects envisaged by the United States and their allies, despite all the measures taken to liquidate the D.P.R.K. in order to facilitate this objective, despite all the campaigns to distort the problem of reunification of this country, this question remains one of the most important ones people are concerned with and motivated by, because they are becoming more and more aware of the fact that it is closely tied to fundamental problems of sovereignty and international security.

If we agree with this assessment, is there any need to emphasise the responsibility incumbent upon CILRECO, which has the honour to be the modest leader of this combat, aware of the fact that it is significantly contributing to the struggle of all people for justice, independence and peace in the world."

(to be continued)

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