Year 2000 No.79, May 1, 2000

MAY DAY 2000

Let Us Build a New Society!

Let Us Open the Door to Progress!

Let Us Work to Lift Society Out of the Crisis and Leave the Old World Behind!

Workers of England, Scotland and Wales, Unite in Defence of Your Rights!

Workers of All Countries, Unite!

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MAY DAY 2000

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MAY DAY 2000

Let Us Build a New Society! Let Us Open the Door to Progress!

Let Us Work to Lift Society Out of the Crisis and Leave the Old World Behind!

Workers of England, Scotland and Wales, Unite in Defence of Your Rights! Workers of All Countries, Unite!

On this May Day 2000, the first May Day of the 21st century, when the workers of all lands celebrate their unity in the common struggle in defence of their rights and for a new society, RCPB(ML) sends its greetings to all the contingents of the international proletariat throughout the world. In the name of the working class of England, Scotland and Wales, it pledges to intensify its work to prepare the subjective conditions for the revolutionary transformation of the old society to a modern socialist society where it is the working class which constitutes itself as the nation, as the leaders of society, and the people are empowered to build socialism.

May Day 2000 is taking place at a defining moment in world history, when the objective conditions are pointing to the urgent need for the capitalist crisis to be resolved in favour of the new, in favour of the world's peoples, the workers, the women, the youth of the world. At the same time, the big capitalist powers are working non-stop to put arrangements in place throughout the world in their favour, to tip the balance in favour of the old, their reactionary programme of globalisation and neo-liberalism, to block the emergence of the new. What will the outcome be?

In the circumstances, it becomes imperative for the workers and all democratic forces to consciously take a stand in favour of the new, in defence of their rights, in favour of a society fit for human beings. On this firm basis, they can set their own agenda to lift society out of the crisis, and can discuss what is required to open the door to progress. The working class can set its own independent programme, and combat any force which recommends conciliation with the programmes of "social partnership", "partnership for progress", "universal human rights", "humanitarian intervention", which are actually characteristic of the big monopolies, of big power chauvinism and the old relations of exploitation at home and abroad. To recommend that the workers should conciliate with these programmes is actually to deprive them of their own line of march to a new society, to a socialist Britain.

Within the framework of creating a new society, lifting society out of the crisis and overcoming the blocks that the monopolies and their representatives are placing in the way of leaving behind this old world, the workers of all countries are fighting their immediate class battles. Only by persisting in these battles with the aim of achieving victory in these struggles can the workers advance along the line of march to a new society. Scientific social theory demonstrates that if workers organise to build their unity in the course of their struggle, opposing all attempts to divide them on the basis of "self-interest", of ideology, or that they should compromise their own class interests and independent programme, then their numerical superiority and revolutionary character will win the day when the time comes to go on the offensive against capitalist society itself. The workers must build their unity in the course of fighting for their programme to Stop Paying the Rich - Increase Investments in Social Programmes and rallying the women, the youth, all democratic and progressive sections of society to follow their lead and build a bright future for themselves. Their watchword is that the banner of the emancipation of the working class is the banner for all of humanity in the forward march to create the new world.

In this new society, a modern socialist system, can be seen the features of what the working class is fighting for as the aim of its immediate battles. The working class will organise the economy with the aim of guaranteeing a livelihood to all as a human right on the basis of the most advanced techniques and the continuous raising of standards of living. The working class will establish a political system of direct democracy, in which the people select and elect candidates and will establish a modern constitution in the course of their struggles which enshrines the sovereignty of the people as the decision-makers in society. The working class will uphold the independence and sovereignty of nations and peoples, establish modern sovereign states of England, Scotland and Wales, and unite to oppose all chauvinist attempts at intervention and interference, and support the right of all countries for equality internationally. The working class fights shoulder to shoulder with its class sisters and brothers of all lands for this new society.

A burning question of this historical period as the 21st century begins is how the workers should express their political unity and build a mass party which fights for and embodies the interests of the independent working class movement as a whole, which organises the working class in its line of march to a socialist Britain. RCPB(ML) calls on all class conscious workers, the progressive and democratic forces, all the communists, and all those who are aspiring to the modern socialist society that progressive humanity is fighting for, to give serious consideration to this issue of a mass communist party on the occasion of May Day, international working class day 2000. Is not such a party required so that the working class can take hold of what belongs to it and bring about socialism in modern proletarian colours?

For a Guarantee in Law for the Livelihood of All!
For Democratic Renewal of the Political Process!
For Modern Sovereign States of England, Scotland and Wales!
For an End to EU, NATO and all Military and Economic Blocs!
For the Right of All Peoples and Nations to Determine their Own Destiny!
Let Us Build a New Society! Let Us Open the Door to Progress!
Let Us Work to Lift Society Out of the Crisis and Leave the Old World Behind!
Onward on the Line of March to a New Society! For a Socialist Britain!
Workers of All Countries, Unite!

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