Year 2000 No. 98, June 25, 2000

50th Anniversary of the Korean War:

The Crimes of the Imperialists Must Not Be Repeated

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50th Anniversary of the Korean War:
The Crimes of the Imperialists Must Not Be Repeated

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50th Anniversary of the Korean War:

The Crimes of the Imperialists Must Not Be Repeated

Fifty years ago today, on June 25, 1950, the South Korean army under the direct command of the Military Advisory Group of the US imperialists, launched an unprovoked attack against North Korea.

This fact is proven by history, as are the crimes against humanity committed in the first instance by US imperialism during the course of the Korean War until its defeat in 1953, the first of its kind in its history. The US was forced to sign an armistice agreement on July 27, 1953. The British Labour government of the time also has to answer for its crimes in unreservedly backing US imperialism right from the start, and sending troops to Korea to fight under the US command. It is also a fact proven by history that the troops under the so-called "UN Command" were in fact used as aggressor troops at the behest of US imperialism.

In this issue of Workers’ Weekly we print the Memorandum of the Government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea of May 30, 2000. This memorandum by careful review of the facts underlines the guilt of US imperialism conclusively, and by implication that too of the British government, which, as ever, was its ardent champion. Books written by independent critics, such as The Labour Government, 1945-51 by the eminent lawyer D.N. Pritt, also conclusively attest to the fact that the Korean war was begun when South Korea attacked North Korea, with American aid and equipment, after South Korea had been seeking to attack for years, and was set into motion when the time was ripe by US imperialism. When the decision was purported to be made by the United Nations to intervene in the war, on the ground that the North had attacked the South, the UN had no evidence whatsoever before it, and its decision was null and void, since of the five permanent members of the Council, one, the USSR, did not concur, being absent because of a boycott. The decision of the US to enter the war was in fact carried out before the UN made its "decision".

US imperialism prosecuted the war, as part of its crusade to wipe out "communism", with complete brutality and disregard for all human life. In its criminal behaviour, it rivalled anything which was carried out by Hitler’s armies. The war ended in a humiliating military defeat for US imperialism, which lost 33,629 men killed in action, apart from those who died in captivity.

The Labour government plunged headlong in support of US imperialism. In July and August 1950, the government decided to increase military expenditure to £3.6 billion over three years, and in January 1951 a massive rearmament package of £4.7 billion was announced, and with it a plan to freeze NHS expenditure at the figure for 1950-1 by cutting spending on hospitals and saving £20 million by charging for false teeth and spectacles. At the outbreak of the war, the Labour government sent naval and air troops, and later combat troops. Completely turning truth on its head and calling the victim the aggressor, Ernest Bevin at the Labour Party conference in October 1950 proclaimed: "We blamed the Conservatives for knowing Hitler was on the move and not making adequate preparations … because they would not go in for collective security … We are in office now, and shall we refuse to do what we called upon others to do which would have prevented the 1939 war if they had only done it."

The criminal aggression by US imperialism and the British government, and the full-scale disinformation which accompanied it, are not confined to the pages of history, but are fully in operation today. There is yet no peace between North and South Korea, because of US imperialism and the puppet regimes in South Korea, and the country still remains divided by a concrete wall put into place by the US, running from one coast to the other of the peninsula. The crusade of US imperialism and the British government has metamorphosed into the campaign against "rogue" states, of which they number the DPRK one, their provocations continue, not to mention their wanton bombing of Yugoslavia, Iraq and other interventions armed and otherwise. It is the Anglo-American imperialists who are the Hitlerites, and are set on dominating the globe.

This being the case, the "Third Way" and "Progressive Governance" must be unmasked as taking the world closer to the brink of a third world war, as did the aggression against North Korea. The crimes of the imperialists must not be repeated ad infinitum, and it is up to the world’s people, including the British working class, to rise up and under the banner of the rights of the workers and the rights of the world’s peoples, take the matter into their own hands and settle scores with the imperialist bourgeoisie.

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