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Election Campaign 2017: Opposing the Irrationality of the May
Campaign with the Independent Politics of the Working Class

The election campaign of Theresa May and the Conservative Party has been one where total irrationality has set in, under the pretext of presenting "strong and stable" government as an option. What is going to lead Britain out of the economic and social crisis that it finds itself in? What is going to resolve all the divisions and contradictions, divisions within the ruling elite, but also between that elite and the working people as a whole, as well as the contradictions within the oligarchies that are reflected in the tense confrontations over the EU and Brexit. Furthermore, what is going to resolve the issue of "terrorism" as exemplified in the Manchester Arena attack, which, as more details are revealed about the alleged perpetrator of the attack, becomes increasingly murky with the hand of the state being implicated in its background. What is going to resolve the national question within the UK, the issue of the national rights of the Scottish and Welsh peoples, as well as those of the people of Ireland?

The Conservative Manifesto repeats the slogan on Brexit that "no deal is better than a bad deal". This is meant to strengthen Theresa May's position vis-a-vis the divisions within the Conservative Party as well as in her dog-fight with the European Union itself. But the reality is that without a nation-building project there can be no way out of the crisis, no alternative to the status quo. In other words, a nation-building project is the necessary condition for a planned future, for the working class and people to be in control of matters which affect their lives, and for modern sovereign states of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Another example of Theresa May's delusions and irrationality is the declaration of the necessity to "cleanse the internet" in the wake of the Manchester Arena explosion. King Canute was demonstrating that he did not possess supreme powers when failing to turn the tide, but Theresa May is demonstrating the irrationality that police powers can halt the advance of the scientific-technological revolution.

There is a desperation in this irrationality. Which interests is it supposed to serve? The private interests which seek to fight it out to win in the global economy have no responsibility to society or to any economic base. The productive forces on a world scale are far beyond what these private interests are trying to control. The choice which presents itself for the working class in these circumstances goes far beyond accepting or rejecting making their "own" monopolies competitive in the global market. The working class has to say No! to the destruction of the productive forces at the hands of these oligopolies, these private interests. It has to step up the work to develop and fight for its own independent programme. It is an urgent matter to develop and rally round its own independent politics and defend the rights of all.

There are crucial issues of war and peace which need to be addressed, especially in the wake of the Manchester Arena attack at home and the bombings and drone attacks abroad in Syria and elsewhere. Clearly it is being pointed out by the progressive forces that Britain's foreign policy - by which is meant the tearing up of the respect for sovereignty, the disregard for international law, the subversion and the overt pursuit of regime change - has been the condition for the "terrorism" against which the "war on terror" is being waged. However, the crucial condition for peace which the independent programme of the working class upholds is respect for the right to be. The ruling elites which try and contend with the interests of the oligopolies and the contradictions between them cannot overcome the serious contradictions in their ranks by the means of force. This is the situation which is threatening to engulf the world, as they threaten the people who demand their sovereignty and emancipation with nuclear weapons and a nuclear holocaust.

It is not a simply a matter of warmongering policies versus a just and progressive foreign policy. In that sense, this general election is not designed to and will not sort out anything. What will be decisive in contributing to opposition to a war government and fighting for a programme of peace and security is putting on the agenda and fighting to elect an anti-war government. The Westminster political system and institutions, with a system which is supposed to be representative, have been perfected to keep the working class and people out of power. This must be challenged. The aim has to be to deprive the warmongers of their power, a power which they use to deprive the people of power to affect the situation and control the direction of society. Britain itself has had the experience of February 15, 2003, when two million demonstrated to stop the war against Iraq, and Jeremy Corbyn gave his speech which has recently again gone viral predicting a cycle of wars and terror. The conclusion which many drew as warranted was that the people were the ultimate superpower, "the many, not the few" if you will. In other words, the present parliamentary system has had its day and new mechanisms for empowerment have to be brought into being.

Neither terrorist attacks nor targeted assassinations are any solution to war, anarchy and violence. It is the political movement of the working class itself and its allies which will provide the solution. The working class has to advance its own agenda for a world without war, an agenda which leaves the old world behind and empowers the people, who desire peace and security.

It should be pointed out that the Manchester Arena attack occurred right at the time the election campaign was exposing the anti-social offensive and threadbare pretexts of Theresa May and her team. As such it was immediately utilised by the powers-that-be to attempt to prevent the people uniting around the stands of Corbyn and the Labour Party which favour the working class, and indeed uniting in any other way apart from behind the mantra of safeguarding "our way of life". But it is questionable whether even this has been successful.

The working class and people demand justice, peace and freedom. To surrender the initiative, leave aside developing the political movement of the working class and not organise to implement its independent programme is not an option if the people are to avert the dangers which lie ahead.

Develop the Independent Politics of the Working Class!
Defend the Rights of All!


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