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Bomb Attack in Manchester

Statement of RCPB(ML) – May 23, 2017

RCPB(ML) condemns the bomb attack at the Manchester Arena in which it is known that 22 people, including children, lost their lives and 59 were injured.

This is an horrific attack, and our Party adds its voice to all those who have expressed condolences and whose thoughts are with the victims and those affected by the explosion. The police reports are that a lone suicide bomber detonated an improvised explosive device at the conclusion of the pop concert, attended by many thousands of people, mostly young people in their teens. We also pay tribute to the emergency services and the ordinary people of Manchester who have demonstrated such a courageous and humanitarian response.

Election campaigning has been suspended, at least for May 23, while the government's Cobra emergency committee is meeting this morning.

While condemning the attack, whose perpetrator has yet to be named and the background to the attack explained, it is important that the people remain vigilant and oppose this and other recent attacks, such as that on Westminster Bridge, being utilised to further undermine the rule of law and bolster the call for "strong government", exceptional measures and unfettered state and police powers in the face of a climate of anarchy and violence.

If the circumstances are used to foster a sense of hopelessness and helplessness among the people, then this too must not be allowed to succeed.

It must also be pointed out that on a daily basis in Syria, Iraq and other countries which have been destabilised by imperialist aggression and interference, many scores of people are losing their lives through this aggression. One can cite just the recent drone and missile strikes by the US in Syria with the backing of the British government which have killed many innocent civilians. These too must be condemned.

These are indeed dangerous times, and we call on the working class and people in these circumstances to be pro-active in defending the right to conscience, and working to uphold and defend the rights of all.


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