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Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2019, No.13, June 22
Links to individual articles:
Trying to Extricate Britain from the Crisis by "Making Britain Great Again" Is Not an Option for the People
Necessity to Reject the Attempts to Antagonistically Divide the Polity
Letter to Editor: Euro elections

Global Monopoly Ford Willing to Destroy Production in Bridgend
Aggressive Trade Agenda of the US Shakes Existing Arrangements
10th Anniversary of the Oil Refinery Workers' Strike
Annual March Commemorates the 35th Anniversary of Orgreave
Two Years after Grenfell, the Fight for Justice Continues

Ernie Hunt, April 9, 1931 – June 14, 2019

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2019, No.12, June 8
Links to individual articles:
Mass Opposition to Donald Trump's State Visit
The Normandy Landing and Re-Writing of History
35th Anniversary of Operation Blue Star: Heinous Crime of the Indian Ruling Class against the Peoples of Punjab and All of India

Thousands March in London to Mark 35th Anniversary of Operation Blue Star

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2019, No.11, June 4
Links to individual articles:
No to Trump! No to the State Visit! We Speak in Our Own Name!
EU Elections and the Divisions in the Polity
Collapse of British Steel

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2019, No.10, May 18
Links to individual articles:
Building the Opposition to Trump's State Visit
Trump Steps Up US Warmonger Activities in Britain as the Anti-War Movement Continues to Demand the Closure of US Bases
Trade Unions Take a Stand
The British Government Must Stop All Interference in Venezuela
Non-Aligned Movement Calls for Reaffirmation of Fundamental Principles of International Law and an End to Unilateral Coercive Measures
US Sanctions Violate Human Rights and International Code of Conduct
Scottish Trade Unionists Reject Regime Change in Venezuela
Why Orgreave miners are being honoured at With Banners Held High
Worldwide Immortal Regiment Marches
39th Anniversary of People's Uprising in Kwangju, Korea

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2019, No.9, May 12
Links to individual articles:
Militant Actions on May Day Affirm Internationalism
National Demonstration for Palestine

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2019, No.8, May 1
Links to individual articles:
The Working Class Has its Own Independent Programme - Let Us Together Uphold and Strengthen It!

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2019, No.7, April 20
Links to individual articles:
The Criminals Responsible for the Crime Have Yet to Be Brought to Justice

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2019, No.6, April 13
Links to individual articles:
70th Anniversary of Formation of NATO: Britain Out of NATO! Dismantle NATO! Work to Establish an Anti-War Government!
Stand of the People's Forces in Britain against NATO and for Peace
Conditions at the Time of NATO's Founding
Developing the Cause of Peace and Progress
Ealing Tax Workers Militantly Continue with Strikes
Hospital Security Workers on Strike

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2019, No.5, March 23
Links to individual articles:
The Brexit Crisis: For a Solution in Which the People Speak in their Own Name
40th Anniversary of RCPB(ML): Congratulations to All Activists and Well-Wishers Over the Years Who Have Built the Party
Birmingham Waste Disposal Workers' Strike Ends with Agreement
RMT Suspends Strikes after Talks

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2019, No.4, March 9
Links to individual articles:
Celebrating International Women's Day 2019
International Women's Day Get-Together: Joining Together to Speak in Our Own Name
History of International Women's Day
Tragedy or Farce
No End to May's Humiliation

BMW Issues Threat over No-Deal Brexit
Review of Wonderland

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2019, No.3, March 2
Links to individual articles:
Brexit: The Irrationality and State of Denial of the Withdrawal Agreement Shambles
Amendments and Agreed Motion in the House of Commons on the UK's Withdrawal from the EU
Latest Merger of South Tyneside and Sunderland Hospital Trusts Part of Corporate-Centred Direction for the NHS
Japanese Multinational Honda to Close Swindon Plant
Honda: Stay In The UK #savehondaswindon
Civil Servants Aim to Break through Government's Arbitrary Wage Freeze Policy

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2019, No.2, February 9
Links to individual articles:
Hands Off Venezuela! No to US-Led Attempts at "Regime Change"! Maduro Is Venezuela's President!
Militant Picket at the Bank of England
Rally to Say No to Venezuela Coup and Sanctions
Tony Burke's Speech at the VSC Emergency Rally
Report [to the Human Rights Council of the United Nations] of the Independent Expert on the Promotion of a Democratic and Equitable International Order [Alfred de Zayas] on His Mission to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Ecuador [Some Extracts]
Japanese Monopoly Nissan Seeks to Manipulate Brexit for its Own Ends
Luton Airport's Baggage Handlers and Check-in Staff in Strike Vote over Pay Freeze
100th Anniversary of the Battle of George Square
Donate to the Havana Tornado Appeal

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2019, No.1, January 26
Links to individual articles:
Deepening of Brexit Crisis: May Government Continues in Denial over the Political Impasse
SSTHC New Year Statement: Going into 2019 and Where We Are
Jaguar Land Rover to Slash 5,000 Jobs
Successful Conclusion to Women's Equal Pay Battle in Glasgow

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