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Hands Off Venezuela

Militant Picket at the Bank of England

Over 150 people from the Venezuelan Solidarity Campaign Picketing Bank of England on February 7th 2019

It was also reported that several weeks ago the Bank of England blocked the Venezuela government from repatriating 31 tonnes of gold reserves worth $1.2 billion held in London. That extraordinary refusal by the British authorities had to have been a deliberate political decision, and was way before the tumultuous events in Venezuela last week, suggesting those events were not simply spontaneous.

Alan Duncan, Minister of State at the Foreign Office, said: "On gold, there are gold reserves held by the Bank of England. It holds them under a contract; it is entirely down to the Bank, as an independent Bank of England. It is nothing to do with this Government. We are not empowered to, nor should we in any way attempt to, influence the decision of the Bank of England. I am sure that the Bank will be looking at unfolding events in Venezuela to work out who is legitimate and who is not."

This, again, is disingenuous. The holding of the Venezuelan gold by the Bank of England is illegitimate and amounts to theft of Venezuelan assets.

A militant picket was organised by the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign outside the Bank of England on February 7 to demand: Give Venezuela back its gold!


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