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Donate to the Havana Tornado Appeal

The British Cuba Solidarity Campaign has donated £2,000 to the relief appeal following the shock tornado which ripped through five municipalities on January 27.

Six people were killed and 195 injured in the worst storm to hit the Cuban capital for 80 years. Damage to homes and infrastructure was considerable, with total and partial collapse of buildings, and winds tearing up and overturning trees, vehicles and electricity cables.

Work is already underway to repair property including damaged schools, hospitals, utilities and public buildings, and re-establish services.

If you would like to donate to relief efforts, CSC has launched an appeal to collect donations. We will make regular bulk transfers to Cuba to avoid international banking fees on individual's transactions and difficulties people may have with personal bank transfers due the US blockade.

100% of donations will be passed on to relief work being coordinated by government agencies and ministries in Cuba.

Donate online here []

Other donations

By cheque: Cheques should be clearly marked on the back: 'Havana Tornado Relief'. Please make cheques out to CSC and send to: Cuba Solidarity Campaign c/o UNITE, 33-37 Moreland Street, London EC1V 8BB, UK

By card or phone: For credit card or bank transfers call +44 (0)20 7490 5715 or email

If you prefer to donate directly to the appeal account set up by the Cuban government, you can do so via the Banco Financiero Internacional (BFI), account number 0300000005093523. Donations via this account may incur international transfer charges.

CSC reiterates its solidarity with the Cuban people in the mammoth task they have ahead to rebuild their communities. We call once again for the US government to end its inhumane blockade of the country so that the Cuban people can access the building materials and equipment they will need to reconstruct Havana following this tragedy.

For more updates on the impact of the tornado and relief work visit

Havana unites after tornado hits the capital

Radio Havana | Friday, 1 February 2019

Recovery efforts continue across the capital after a tornado ripped through five Havana municipalities on the evening of January 27.

The weather phenomenon caused considerable human and material damage with latest figures reporting four dead and around 195 injured. Meanwhile total and partial building collapses, fallen trees and utility poles; broken doors and windows, as well as overturned automobiles and containers, are among losses reported to property and infrastructure.

Local authorities, the military, mass organizations, neighbours, institutions and the general public have all been pulling together since Sunday to support recovery efforts.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel, accompanied by local authorities, toured affected areas in the early hours of Monday morning, during which he witnessed damage and spoke to victims of the freak disaster, offering them words of reassurance and support, and stressing that no one will be left unprotected.

The same day he chaired two Council of Ministers meetings to evaluate the situation and adopt measures to advance recovery efforts. He noted that "Reinforcing attention to the population at times like these is vital… it is imperative, he said, to explain to the people what is being done."

Meanwhile, Ministers of Health, Construction, Communications, Water Resources, and Energy, among others, reported on damage and work underway to rebuild and re-establish services.

Cuban Vice President Roberto Morales, speaking January 31, during a tour of an educational institution hit by the tornado stated that, "We have to move on to the next stage so that with builders and support brigades, we can fix everything as quickly as possible, and to the highest standard, so that when the teachers return to their schools they feel like it was all just a nightmare and now their workplaces, their homes, are better than before."

Outpourings of love, support and solidarity from in and outside of Cuba have been flowing ever since the news of the disaster broke. Cubans have been mobilizing from the outset to aid recovery efforts and support fellow inhabitants. People have been working directly in affected neighbourhoods alongside official brigades clearing debris and rubble, while others have been donating material goods and opening their homes to friends and neighbours affected.

Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment Rodrigo Malmierca recently reported that donations from outside the island can be made by national or regional governments, companies, NGOs, or individuals through the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment to ensure that relevant tax and tariffs exemptions are applied and that donations are distributed to those in need.

Meanwhile the same system applies to Foreign companies based in Cuba that want to make financial or material donations.

According to the Cuban official bank, accounts in Cuban National and Convertible Pesos have been set up to receive monetary donations.

The account number for donations in CUC is 0300000005093523, through Cuba's Banco Financiero Internacional, while national pesos can be deposited in account number 0598770003953216 at the Banco Metropolitano.

If anyone would like to support, donate or has any questions regarding the process, please contact the Cuban Embassy in your country of residence, local Cuba Solidarity organization, or write to email address:

Here at Radio Habana Cuba we thank you for your support and solidarity at this sad and testing time for the country.

But be assured, like always, the Cuban people will overcome!

Edited by Lena Valverde Jordi

CSC message to the Cuban people on the Tornado which struck Cuba on January 27

Campaign News | Tuesday, 29 January 2019

On behalf of the Executive Committee of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign, and on behalf of all our members and affiliated organisations, we would like to express our sincerest condolences to the Cuban people following the terrible effects of the deadly tornado that struck the island including Havana on Sunday 27th 2019.

We would like to pass on our condolences to those families that lost loved ones, and our best wishes to all those who have been injured or affected by the disaster. As ever we offer our deepest solidarity.

We recognise the tremendous efforts of the Cuban people to move swiftly and professionally to deal with the disaster, led by President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, the Cuban government, provincial and municipal authorities and the various organisations involved in recovery and rebuilding. We would also like to offer our support and assistance to the relief efforts.

As with recent natural disasters, including hurricane Irma, it is clear that the greatest threat at these times to the people of Cuba is the ongoing blockade of the island. We believe that the best way to help the Cuban people in their efforts to recover from this latest humanitarian disaster would be the ending of the US blockade which puts so many obstacles in the way of recovery and rebuilding efforts.

We therefore reiterate our call once again for an end to this cruel and inhumane policy against the proud people of Cuba

Our love and solidarity at this time,

Rob Miller, CSC Director Bernard Regan, National Secretary


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