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Celebrating International Women's Day 2019

International Women's Day, March 8, is the day when women nationally and internationally affirm their being, and pledge that they will continue to fight for their rights and the rights of all, and step up their conviction to say No! to everything that is not in their name.

All over the world women shoulder the brunt of the anti-social offensive and the neo-liberal agenda. They are at the forefront of opposing imperialist aggression and war and striving to establish anti-war governments, turning things around in favour of the people.

Not only that, but in the fight for empowerment, women are also at the forefront of taking up this perspective in the people's struggles. They are rejecting that women are fair game, and are everywhere militantly taking up responsibility for the fate of society, the right to conscience and for social justice. They are working for solutions, upholding the rights of all women, including those incarcerated in immigrant detention centres, and will not be reconciled to the mantra that the issue is simply one of correcting gross inequalities, finding the right balance or that the ruling elite should be more transparent.

It is clear, therefore, what a powerful and irresistible force are women and their struggles everywhere. As the going gets tougher, the collectives of women get more inspired, take up more positions of leadership in the movements of the people, and affirm the vision of a new world of socialised humanity.

Congratulations to women everywhere on this International Women's Day 2019.


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