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Tragedy or Farce No End to May's Humiliation

Theresa May has been humiliated by Brussels, humiliated by her MPs, even her Cabinet, as she grimly ploughs on with the fated Withdrawal Agreement.

What choice does she have? It looks like this time, June will indeed be the end of May.

Bribery has got her nowhere, pleading with the EU has got her nowhere, promises of workers' rights have got her nowhere, even going to Grimsby and giving a long speech seems to have got her nowhere.

There is very little more kicking the can down the road, which some have said she has turned into an art-form, that she can do, as the end of the road looms, and no-one wants the can.

In other words, she has run out of moves. If she does somehow find another move, chances are that it will only further exacerbate the crisis.

The crucial issue facing the working class and people, the over-riding perspective, is that of changing the direction of the economy and of society as a whole. Parliament, in the shape of representative democracy, has demonstrated that it cannot sort out the different interests within the ruling elite, and the situation therefore becomes even more dire for the working people in terms of the anti-social offensive where the private vested interests are at war with each other.

It confirms, not that another referendum is required with the same terms of the previous one, but that the working class needs its own independent political agenda and programme that it fights for, providing society with an outlook that favours the people as a whole. The working people urgently need their own empowerment.


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