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Opposing Trump's State Visit

Trade Unions Take a Stand

Emergency Rally in London organised by Venezuelan Solidarity and supported by the Trade Unions, January 31 2019

It is necessary for the workers' opposition to take a stand and oppose Trump's state visit.

In a statement "Together against Trump - No State Visit", Unite the Union said:

"Donald Trump is coming to London on a state visit from 3-5 June. Trump is the most divisive, aggressive and xenophobic US president in memory. He supports far right organisations around the world, denies climate change and is pursuing a more and more confrontational and dangerous foreign policy.

"For all these reasons Unite is working with Together Against Trump to mobilise for the biggest possible protests against the visit. Together Against Trump has called a national protest on Tuesday 4 June from 11:00 assembling in Trafalgar Square. There will be music and a rally in the Square starting around midday and will then march to wherever Trump is at the time.

"Trump's itinerary has not been finalised and we will have to be flexible but there will also be other protests from the day Trump arrives - 3 June - through to events over the three days."

Union urges Government to tell Trump he is not welcome in Ireland

The Irish Times of May 13, 2019, reports that the Unite trade union has urged the Irish government to tell US president Donald Trump that he is not welcome to visit Ireland.

Delegates at the union's policy conference in Malahide in north Dublin passed a motion opposing what it described as President Trump's "racism, sexism and warmongering".

The union said "his politics represents everything this union and many other trade unions globally fight against."

Delegate Memet Uludaj said there was "not one section of society or community - national or international - that this man has not offended, has not targeted or attacked".

Mr Uludaj, reports the newspaper, claimed Mr Trump is the world's leading climate change denier. "He is happy to let the climate change go crazy at the expense of millions of lives and these will be - workers' lives, the lives of poor people. "

Mr Uludaj said the motion did not mean the union was attacking American people and their choice.

He said, "What we are saying is that we stand with the activists and campaigners, millions of women in America who also have other grievances with their own president."

Fellow delegate Francis Loughlin, reports the Irish Times, said, "We all lose out to the policies of this travesty of a president. His policies have an effect beyond the borders of the USA. So conference send a message - Mr President, you are not welcome here."


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