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No to Trump! No to the State Visit!
We Speak in Our Own Name!

Mass opposition to Trump's visit in July 2018

On June 4, as opposition builds on a mass scale to US President Donald Trump's state visit, a national protest is taking place, assembling at 11.00am in Trafalgar Square. Coaches are converging from all parts of the country. Numerous other protests to the state visit from June 3-5 are also planned, including when Trump, the Queen, Theresa May and leaders of other governments, particularly France, Canada and Australia, attend a mobilisation of the Armed Forces of the UK on June 5. So afraid are the Portsmouth and state authorities of what might happen there that they have, with more than a touch of irony, built a wall to keep the people away from those who do not represent them. Trump is also to travel to France on June 6 for the 75th anniversary of the D-Day Landings.

The opposition extends to opposition from the House of Commons in the refusal to invite Trump to address Parliament, and Corbyn's refusal to attend the state banquet, as well as many other statements of opposition.

All this opposition is directed not only against the warmongering and anti-human behaviour synonymous with Trump's Presidency. It is also directed against the British government and the Queen as head of state, which have issued the invitation. It is this that people are declaring is Not In Our Name!

Speaking in Our Own Name! Stand Up to Trump!

It is the people's forces, the human power, which must and will hold the US imperialists and their cohorts in check. Not only this, but the people have their own agenda. Let us take a stand for those things which make for peace and against aggression. Let us together fight for an anti-war government with a democratic personality, consistent with the human factor. Let us organise to ensure an end to aggression and in its place establish relations of peace between peoples.

It is imperative for us to build and strengthen the movement against crimes against peace. This is especially acute, as the Trump presidency ramps up its aggressive build-up against Iran, as it attempts to bring about regime change in Venezuela, and as it imposes illegal sanctions against progressive regimes. Our stand for peace will prevail, as the people step up the fight for their own empowerment.

In this context, we also demand the removal of all US/NATO bases from Britain. The peoples of Britain cannot countenance such bases of aggression, imperialist domination and "hard power" on their soil. They fly in the face of the work for peace and for an end to the Anglo-US doctrine of creating chaos. We will ensure also that when the British government in December hosts the NATO 70th anniversary meeting, the masses of the people will take a stand against this warmongering institution, whose raison d'etre cannot be justified.

Just as in the United States, where the people's forces are taking a stand against the direction in which the US is headed, so too we in Britain are saying No to crimes against humanity. In particular we affirm that any "special relationship" with Trump's United States is not in our name.

We reject all attempts to blame sections of the people for what is the responsibility of those pursuing the global neo-liberal agenda and creating chaos. It is precisely this agenda and those responsible for implementing it that are generating anarchy and violence. In this respect, and in the context of defending the rights of all, we reject as not in our name the attacks on the rights of immigrant working people, refugees and those seeking asylum. It is clear that it is the global marauding of the ruling elites representing the oligopolies and their exploitation of the peoples and material resources globally, as well as "regime change" and their destructive activities against what they cannot control, that is and has been creating the crisis of displaced persons, human trafficking and an international reserve army of cheap labour.

As part of the opposition to Trump's state visit, the anti-war and people's movements are opposing unjust wars and big power intervention and interference. Fleeing from such nation-wrecking, people are seeking a better life, demanding asylum and attempting to find peace and security. Ultimately, the demand is that these very people, as an integral part of the international working class, be empowered to be able to control their own lives and find stability. The movement is very aware of the stands of working people in the US itself which will not countenance Trump's all-out attack on the rights of all.

Furthermore, we speak in favour of a bright future for the youth who are taking a stand in defence of the natural environment and for a social environment in which the people are empowered to collectively decide their own destiny.

No to Trump! No to the State Visit!
Develop the Movement against War and for an Anti-War Government!

Wall surrounding the commemoration of D-day at Portsmouth to protect Trump from those against the future wars the US is planning


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