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35th Anniversary of Operation Blue Star

Thousands March in London to Mark 35th Anniversary of Operation Blue Star

Thousands of British Sikhs marched through London on June 2 at a remembrance march and rally held in memory of the those killed in Operation Blue Star in Amritsar.

The demonstration, organised by the Federation of Sikh Organisations, marked the 35th anniversary of June 5, 1984. The rally began in Hyde Park with speeches and then participants marched on Trafalgar Square, where a huge stage and sound system had been erected. Before they arrived, a huge screen was showing moving pictures of the marchers.

Just after 2pm around 10,000 British Sikhs marched into the square, with the slogan: "What do we want? Justice!" A book called Sikh Martyrs was launched at the event, which details all the Sikhs who died in 1984 with their photos and biographies.


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