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135th Durham Miners Gala:

Speaking in Our Own Name
and Working for People's Empowerment!

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Speaking in Our Own Name and Working for People's Empowerment! (PDF Version)

135th Durham Miners Gala:

Speaking in Our Own Name and Working for People's Empowerment!

Statement of the Northern Region of RCPB(ML)

The Northern Region of RCPB(ML) sends its greetings to the many thousands attending the 135th Durham Miners Gala on July 13.

On this day the whole working class movement, especially in the northern region mobilises and gathers in their thousands in Durham for this annual celebration and rallying of the working class movement which concludes with the Big Meeting on the racecourse. They bring their banners of the working class and people's movements fighting for the rights of the working class and people everywhere, to defend their livelihoods, their pensions, their health care and public services. Most of all they bring to the Gala the resistance to injustice, and the racist anti-people, pro-war outlook of the ruling elite that aims to try and split the people and sabotage the people's resistance to the wrecking of society and their opposition to war.

This defence of the unity of the working class and people's movements and their communities is reinforced as the Gala parade carries before it banners inscribed with the words and deeds of generations of miners and the working class to defend their rights, to uphold proletarian internationalism and for the emancipation of labour and to build socialism.

This year's Gala comes in the 35th anniversary year of the miners' strike. Thatcher's ruling elite aimed at destroying the resistance of the working class to the neo-liberal offensive in Britain and abroad. Thatcher's mantras that the miners were the "enemy within", that their struggles were "the rule of the mob", and that "there is no such thing as society" are still being voiced today by the ruling elite. They have no recognition of the needs of society and cannot harmonise the interests of all but fight for the narrow competing interests of the different oligarchs. This rule continues to give rise to civil war at home and war abroad. This further confirms they are unfit to rule society and the necessity is for a pro-social anti-war government that defends the rights of all!

On this day the working class and people strive to reflect their own independent politics for a future of society where they end the ruling elite's present hallucinations of dominating the world with their blood-stained flag of "making Britain Great again" at the expense of the well-being and lives of the people.

Today, the issue facing the working class and people is how to bring their initiative into play when they are excluded from political decision-making. The actual advances that the people are making in developing their resistance against attacks on their rights and interests, and in speaking out on matters of concern to the polity and to the people's well-being, provide an answer. The people are not hanging back but are searching for social forms and striving to create organisations which will embody their striving for empowerment.

We, the working class, are fighting for a future for Britain where the people are empowered and political power is exercised on behalf of all members of society so that the direction of the economy serves them and not the financial oligarchy, and war and aggression is rejected and a modern constitution is implemented that recognises the rights of all. That is why the task taken up for solution is today for the working class to speak in its own name, and not hand over its voice to any other force. This is a task of building the independent workers' opposition along the line of march for its own alternative political programme for justice and peace at home and abroad

Build the Workers' Opposition and Work for People's Empowerment!
Fight for an Anti-War Government!

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