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Developing the Movement towards an Anti-War Government

Stop the War AGM

Stop the War AGM, annual conference on September 7

The Stop the War Coalition newsletter of September 9, 2019, reports that Stop the War held a very useful and successful annual conference on September 7.

It states: "The conference addressed the dangers of a Johnson-led foreign policy, the critical levels of instability being created by Trump's serial aggressions and the importance of strengthening the anti-war movement. There was discussion of how best to push for an anti-war government, stopping arms sales to Saudi Arabia, collaboration with the climate change campaigns, the protests at the London NATO summit in December and the spread of US-led hybrid wars.

"The central focus was on the growing threat of war with Iran. The final panel discussed the latest situation and outlined the case against war on Iran in detail. Conference called for people to step up campaigning in every area over Iran on an urgent basis and to participate in a membership drive being launched from the head office."

The issue of the struggle of the people of Kashmir for self-determination was one of the first topics raised at the conference. The autonomy of the people of Kashmir has been arbitrarily suspended by India with thousands imprisoned through the imposition of "black laws", with their resources plundered and youth killed in the name of prosperity and security. The same government of India promotes "Brahmin supremacy" and incites hatred on every conceivable basis with impunity, yet nonetheless is called the world's largest democracy. For the Stop the War statement on Kashmir, see below.

The resolutions passed at the conference can be seen here [seen here].

The key campaigning points for supporters from the conference were as follows:

1) Organise Don't Attack Iran meetings everywhere.

2) Circulate the Don't Attack Iran petition - including organising street stalls to widen public support.

3) Approach Labour Party and trade union groups in your area to pass our resolution on Iran and to affiliate to Stop the War.

4) Build the anti-war bloc on the September 29th demonstration at the Tory Party conference in Manchester.

5) Start organising now for the NATO counter summit and counter demonstration on November 30 and December 3 in London.

To become a Stop the War member, go to:


Stop the War Statement on Kashmir - 20/08/19

Written by Stop the War on 20 August 2019. Posted in News & Comment

Stop the War condemns the actions of the Indian government in revoking Kashmir's autonomy and mounting a military clampdown in the region

Stop the War condemns the actions of the Indian government in revoking Kashmir's autonomy and mounting a military clampdown in the region. Its actions breach UN agreements regulating the status of Kashmir. As well as leading to severe restrictions on human rights, the action of the Indian government has increased tensions with Pakistan in a disputed area which has been a flashpoint for war in the past. Both sides are nuclear powers. We call on our government to publicly oppose the Indian government's moves and to demand restraint on all sides. Kashmir's future should be decided by the people of the region themselves as advocated by the United Nations soon after partition.


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