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All Out for Democratic Renewal!

A general election is to be held throughout the state known as the United Kingdom on Thursday, December 12, 2019. This followed the passing of the Early Parliamentary General Election Act 2019.

It is certain that the election will sort out nothing for the ruling elites, embroiled in their own civil war. The old parliamentary system and its electoral mechanisms have had their day. They no longer function in letting power flow from a party in office to the party in opposition which also represents the status quo. The powers-that-be can no longer look towards a champion who will provide a measure of stability.

Nor, of course, is the election meant to sort out any of the problems facing the people. But the working class and people can make a difference by rejecting a vote for the establishment, at the very least preventing the Conservatives from forming a majority government, on their own or in alliance or coalition with any other party, and instead firmly voicing their own concerns and agenda, not relinquishing the struggle for their own rights and interests.

The people are struggling for a democratic future. The dysfunctionality of the old parliamentary system of "representative democracy" has underlined that the people must use this election to speak in their own name, and in this sense empower themselves. That is, it is not only a people-powered campaign that is called for, but that the striving of the people themselves for their own empowerment is the call of the times.

This election provides an opportunity for the working class and people to speak in their own name. It provides the opportunity to go all out for democratic renewal.

Register to vote now, if not at present on the electoral register. Applications to register to vote for the election must be made by midnight on Tuesday, November 26, 2019. Register to vote at:

Vote against the establishment. Take forward the discussion for people's empowerment. Take up the agenda of the concerns of the people, rejecting the pro- or anti-Brexit agenda which the establishment wants to impose on the people.

In working for empowerment, vote for an Anti-War Government, a government with a modern democratic profile. Organise to make a difference!

All Out for Democratic Renewal!


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