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All Out for Democratic Renewal!

Using the Election for Discussing and
Giving Voice to the Concerns of the People

A general election has been called for December 12. The calling of a general election is a vain attempt to end the impasse in Parliament and sort out the contradictions in the ruling elite over Brexit. The election has not been called by the establishment in order to empower the people to decide the future direction of society, but to impose an agenda and try and justify business as usual with claims that the electorate have given the status quo a mandate. The working class and people will not accept this cynical state of affairs and are determined to go all out to pursue their own agenda.

This election has been characterised by manoeuvring and shenanigans from the outset. Going into the election, the speculation is over alliances and back-room deals. This is now the usual feature of the crisis-ridden cartel-party system and the chronic inability to predict outcomes.

After the interregnum of the May Government, which had attempted to represent stability through government by police powers, and was defeated in its attempt to win a majority on that basis, the rise of Boris Johnson has represented the end of a stable and functional state of affairs in British politics.

Furthermore, the presentation of the issues is to deprive people of an outlook that clearly views the civil war between the ruling factions for what it is and instead sets its own agenda. Rather, the disinformation poses the people as categorised into opposing camps. There is a burning need to defend the unity of the people and reject this division.

On the basis of this polarisation of the polity, the narrative and presentation directs all attention to the leaders of the cartel parties and poses the issue as one of personalities.

Manoeuvring, division, categorisation over "values", and so on, aim to block the people from thinking for themselves and speaking in their own name, as do the constant polls and punditry. Reducing the matter to numbers and tactics serves to obscure the actual human relations that exist, and the actual issues in society that arise out of those relations.

In these conditions, and where people do not decide the electoral process, the candidates and their platforms, nor determine what are presented as the election issues, in spite of all the blocks and attempts to preserve the old arrangements, people need to create conditions for a new democratic personality to emerge.

In this election, the times are calling for discussion to be organised, discussions characterised by everyone presenting their own thinking. Rather than succumb to the pressure to follow the traditional "hustings", or "question time-style debate", the division into candidate and elector can be ended by finding new forms in which all participants, whether "panel" or "floor", are encouraged to speak about their experiences and present their views.

RCPB(ML) and its activists pledge to go all out to do just that in the coming days and weeks.


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