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All Out for Democratic Renewal!

The Working Class and People Must Voice their Own Agenda

The recent decision to call a general election exposes the self-motivated ineptness of the Westminster cartel party system. The essence of the motivation of these ruling elites is that of serving their own private interests and clinging to power. The gamble of Boris Johnson is that the election will become a new EU referendum. The sentiment of the people is to oppose this, and not to fall into the trap of making the agenda of the election that of the civil war over Brexit and the dangers this entails.

"Getting Brexit done" has become a dogma of one faction of the ruling elite, against which is pitted "Remain and Revoke Article 50". The working class and people cannot afford to get entrenched in such mantras, but rather they must argue through their own concerns and elaborate their own agenda.

The entrenched politicians and the monopoly-controlled media encourage beliefs to be held without question. The point here is that disinformation deprives the people of an outlook.

In this election, the working class and people need to speak about their concerns. Ad-hoc committees and political forums can provide forms for this, as well as through the pro-worker and anti-war press, such as Workers' Weekly. The struggles of the people for what favours them and to defend their rights and interests continue.

A new direction is needed for society, its economy, its health and education services. The struggles in defence of the rights of all demand to be intensified. An Anti-War Government with a modern democratic personality is called for. These issues are the real concrete agendas which present themselves in this 2019 General Election.


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