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All Out for Democratic Renewal!

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All Out for Democratic Renewal!

All Out for Democratic Renewal:
Using the Election for Discussing and Giving Voice to the Concerns of the People

All Out for Democratic Renewal:
The Working Class and People Must Voice their Own Agenda

Anti-War Movement:
Vote No To War!

General Election Timetable 2019

Workers' Forum:
CWU Hits Back at Royal Mail Request to Delay Strikes

All Out for Democratic Renewal!

A general election is to be held throughout the state known as the United Kingdom on Thursday, December 12, 2019. This followed the passing of the Early Parliamentary General Election Act 2019.

It is certain that the election will sort out nothing for the ruling elites, embroiled in their own civil war. The old parliamentary system and its electoral mechanisms have had their day. They no longer function in letting power flow from a party in office to the party in opposition which also represents the status quo. The powers-that-be can no longer look towards a champion who will provide a measure of stability.

Nor, of course, is the election meant to sort out any of the problems facing the people. But the working class and people can make a difference by rejecting a vote for the establishment, at the very least preventing the Conservatives from forming a majority government, on their own or in alliance or coalition with any other party, and instead firmly voicing their own concerns and agenda, not relinquishing the struggle for their own rights and interests.

The people are struggling for a democratic future. The dysfunctionality of the old parliamentary system of "representative democracy" has underlined that the people must use this election to speak in their own name, and in this sense empower themselves. That is, it is not only a people-powered campaign that is called for, but that the striving of the people themselves for their own empowerment is the call of the times.

This election provides an opportunity for the working class and people to speak in their own name. It provides the opportunity to go all out for democratic renewal.

Register to vote now, if not at present on the electoral register. Applications to register to vote for the election must be made by midnight on Tuesday, November 26, 2019. Register to vote at:

Vote against the establishment. Take forward the discussion for people's empowerment. Take up the agenda of the concerns of the people, rejecting the pro- or anti-Brexit agenda which the establishment wants to impose on the people.

In working for empowerment, vote for an Anti-War Government, a government with a modern democratic profile. Organise to make a difference!

All Out for Democratic Renewal!

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All Out for Democratic Renewal!

Using the Election for Discussing and
Giving Voice to the Concerns of the People

A general election has been called for December 12. The calling of a general election is a vain attempt to end the impasse in Parliament and sort out the contradictions in the ruling elite over Brexit. The election has not been called by the establishment in order to empower the people to decide the future direction of society, but to impose an agenda and try and justify business as usual with claims that the electorate have given the status quo a mandate. The working class and people will not accept this cynical state of affairs and are determined to go all out to pursue their own agenda.

This election has been characterised by manoeuvring and shenanigans from the outset. Going into the election, the speculation is over alliances and back-room deals. This is now the usual feature of the crisis-ridden cartel-party system and the chronic inability to predict outcomes.

After the interregnum of the May Government, which had attempted to represent stability through government by police powers, and was defeated in its attempt to win a majority on that basis, the rise of Boris Johnson has represented the end of a stable and functional state of affairs in British politics.

Furthermore, the presentation of the issues is to deprive people of an outlook that clearly views the civil war between the ruling factions for what it is and instead sets its own agenda. Rather, the disinformation poses the people as categorised into opposing camps. There is a burning need to defend the unity of the people and reject this division.

On the basis of this polarisation of the polity, the narrative and presentation directs all attention to the leaders of the cartel parties and poses the issue as one of personalities.

Manoeuvring, division, categorisation over "values", and so on, aim to block the people from thinking for themselves and speaking in their own name, as do the constant polls and punditry. Reducing the matter to numbers and tactics serves to obscure the actual human relations that exist, and the actual issues in society that arise out of those relations.

In these conditions, and where people do not decide the electoral process, the candidates and their platforms, nor determine what are presented as the election issues, in spite of all the blocks and attempts to preserve the old arrangements, people need to create conditions for a new democratic personality to emerge.

In this election, the times are calling for discussion to be organised, discussions characterised by everyone presenting their own thinking. Rather than succumb to the pressure to follow the traditional "hustings", or "question time-style debate", the division into candidate and elector can be ended by finding new forms in which all participants, whether "panel" or "floor", are encouraged to speak about their experiences and present their views.

RCPB(ML) and its activists pledge to go all out to do just that in the coming days and weeks.

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All Out for Democratic Renewal!

The Working Class and People Must Voice their Own Agenda

The recent decision to call a general election exposes the self-motivated ineptness of the Westminster cartel party system. The essence of the motivation of these ruling elites is that of serving their own private interests and clinging to power. The gamble of Boris Johnson is that the election will become a new EU referendum. The sentiment of the people is to oppose this, and not to fall into the trap of making the agenda of the election that of the civil war over Brexit and the dangers this entails.

"Getting Brexit done" has become a dogma of one faction of the ruling elite, against which is pitted "Remain and Revoke Article 50". The working class and people cannot afford to get entrenched in such mantras, but rather they must argue through their own concerns and elaborate their own agenda.

The entrenched politicians and the monopoly-controlled media encourage beliefs to be held without question. The point here is that disinformation deprives the people of an outlook.

In this election, the working class and people need to speak about their concerns. Ad-hoc committees and political forums can provide forms for this, as well as through the pro-worker and anti-war press, such as Workers' Weekly. The struggles of the people for what favours them and to defend their rights and interests continue.

A new direction is needed for society, its economy, its health and education services. The struggles in defence of the rights of all demand to be intensified. An Anti-War Government with a modern democratic personality is called for. These issues are the real concrete agendas which present themselves in this 2019 General Election.

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Anti-War Movement

Vote No To War!

2019 General Election Stop the War Coalition Statement

Stop the War urges all voters to consider the significance of this election for our foreign policy and the increasingly dangerous international situation.

The wars that recent British governments have participated in in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and elsewhere have killed and displaced millions, destabilised whole regions of the globe and wasted an unimaginable amount of resources.

Britain has long been the US's main supporter in the West. Recently our government has broadly backed Trump's confrontational stance over Iran. It has armed and given full political and military support to Saudi Arabia while it creates the world's worst humanitarian catastrophe in its war on Yemen. It has co-operated in ongoing operations in Syria and Iraq.

Meanwhile Britain has backed the US's increasingly aggressive stance towards Russia and China, raising the prospect of big power confrontation for the first time in generations.

The belligerent foreign policy that comes with the special relationship is making the world a more and more frightening and dangerous place. It has been one of the drivers of racism and Islamophobia and it has led to attacks on civil liberties at home.

Trump has already been welcomed twice to Britain by the Tories. Boris Johnson will be greeting him once again at the NATO summit in Britain on December 3. Stop the War will be protesting at the summit.

We urge people to use their vote to help break the cycle of violence and instability caused by the West's wars of the last two decades. A fundamental change of course is needed.

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General Election Timetable 2019

The general election timetable for 2019, below, is derived from
the electoral timetable published by the Electoral Commission.


Day 0

Dissolution of Parliament just after midnight at the start of the day






Issue of writs





Day 1

Receipt of writs





Day 2






Day 3

Last day for publication of notice of election (4pm)





Day 4






Day 5






Day 6

Deadline for candidates to deliver nomination papers or candidates to withdraw (4pm).






Publication of statement of persons nominated - If no objections (by 5pm)





Day 7

Publication of statement of persons nominated - If objections (by 4pm)





Day 8






Day 9






Day 10






Day 11






Day 12






Day 13






Day 14

Deadline to register to vote (by midnight)






Deadline for new applications for a postal vote - includes a postal proxy vote (5pm) Also deadline for changing preference between existing proxy/postal vote (5pm)





Day 15






Day 16






Day 17






Day 18






Day 19

Deadline for new applications for a proxy vote (5pm) - After 5pm you may be able to apply for an emergency proxy in certain circumstances





Day 20






Day 21

First date that electors can apply for a replacement for lost postal votes





Day 22






Day 23






Day 24






Day 25

Polling day (7am-10pm)






Deadline for emergency proxy applications (5pm) - Emergency proxies are only available under certain circumstances and are not available on demand






Deadline for re-issue of spoilt or lost postal votes (5pm)





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Workers' Forum

CWU Hits Back at Royal Mail Request to Delay Strikes

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) has responded strongly to Royal Mail's offer to enter into discussions "without preconditions" if the union provides a binding commitment to remove the threat of strike action over the Christmas period. Dave Ward, the CWU's general secretary, pointed out that a demand for such a binding commitment was itself a precondition, irrespective of the fact that the postal service is reported to have written to the CWU on October 28, saying that it would extend the life of the ballot result by the same amount of time as the pause on industrial action.

The vast majority (97.1%) of around 110,000 voters backed strike action from a 76% turnout of the CWU's members earlier in October. Now the erstwhile Business Secretary, Andrea Leadsom, has accused the postal union of making a "politically calculated" bid to stop people voting in the general election. This accusation itself is transparently "politically calculated".

Andrea Leadsom's comments drew an angry response from the CWU, which pointed out that it had not yet called any action. In a statement on Twitter it said: "We had our ballot in play well before the election. Don't blame us for your incompetence." The union added: "If you didn't privatise Royal Mail we wouldn't be here."

Postal workers' demand during their 2003 strike, fighting for a deal and against privatisation

The CWU has explained that Royal Mail's 2018 agreement to increase pay, reform pensions and reduce weekly working hours from 39 to 35 by 2022, subject to productivity improvements, was now not being honoured by the company's new leadership.

In response to a tendentious video posted by Royal Mail on its website alongside a press release on Tuesday, the CWU tweeted that afternoon:

"Royal Mail Group's position in this dispute is born out of dogma and raised on deceit. Today's press release is a total sham designed to undermine the CWU and any prospect of an agreement.

"The 'significant step' they refer to was actually proposed by the CWU on October 8, 2019. That offer was to move immediately from mediation to formal negotiations with the proposal that the CWU would not give any notice to take industrial action for effectively six weeks, at which point we would reflect on the genuine nature of the negotiations.

"RMG rejected that offer in preference to wait for the external mediator's report. They refused to meet all last week and only offered a four-hour slot this week.

"Their letter referred to in their press release was emailed late yesterday after 17.00hrs and was the subject of a press release before we met today. Ask yourself, is this the actions of people trying to resolve this dispute?

"Equally today they have rejected significant recommendations from the external mediator's report making it impossible for talks to resolve all issues."

(Sources: PrintWeek, PoliticsHome)

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