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No to NATO

Britain Out of NATO! Dismantle NATO!

On December 3 and 4, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) will mark its 70th anniversary with a Heads of State Summit in London. The anti-war movement and peace-loving people condemn this international alliance, a Cold War relic which is based on aggression and domination, and the holding of the summit in this country celebrating NATO at 70.

NATO has been called an "American invention designed to impose American power on Europe", and is increasingly threatening those countries whose interests run counter to those of the US and its allies, a force for aggression and destabilisation world-wide. Certainly this present summit of the 29 NATO members, with Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and Recep Tayyip Erdogan set to attend, promises no good whatsoever for the people.

NATO, in short, is an aggressive and expansionist nuclear and military alliance, playing a very dangerous global role. It is expanding further into Eastern Europe, with bases intended to encircle Russia which it paints as the enemy, as well as the Middle East and Latin America, and is still in Afghanistan after 18 years. The working class and people demand peaceful relations between countries and peoples, and oppose NATO's war plans. Rather than funds from the Treasury going to war production and its destruction of value, investments must go towards strengthening the British economy to serve the needs of the people of Britain.

It also boggles the mind that this meeting of heads of state and others is taking place, with all its security implication, in the midst of a general election campaign. The dysfunctional governments of Boris Johnson and Theresa May before him have shown how incapable they are of ensuring the people's safety.

The anti-war movement and such organisations as the Stop the War Coalition and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament are stepping up their work, and are organising actions in opposition to the summit with its agenda of warmongering and interventionism, of regime change and nuclear blackmail.

In advance of the protests being organised around the Queen's reception for NATO leaders on December 3, Stop the War and CND have hosted an international counter-summit in central London on November 30, "No to Trump - No to NATO". The event is bringing together anti-war voices from across Europe and beyond, to discuss NATO's nuclear warmongering, its interventionist wars, and set out how civil society can work to abolish NATO and create a more peaceful world.

This is a decisive time for the anti-war movement and the movement to bring about an Anti-War Government. We call on everyone who cherishes peace to take a stand against NATO.

Dismantle NATO! Stop the Warmongering!

Build the Movement for Peace and to Bring about an Anti-War Government!

No to Trump, No to NATO Protest, December 3

Plans have been confirmed for this coming Tuesday's demonstration against Donald Trump and the NATO summit:
4pm: Assemble on south of Trafalgar Sq. for speeches & music

5pm: March leaves Trafalgar Sq. to Buckingham Palace via The Mall
5.45pm: Arrives at Canada Gate opp. Buckingham Palace

6pm: NATO reception begins

7pm: R3 Soundsystem - Dance Music Against Trump at Buckingham Gate

The organisers are encouraging everyone to bring glow sticks and fairy lights, etc., for visibility as well as horns, whistles, pots, pans and other instruments to make as much noise as possible at the protest.


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