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No to NATO

Aggressive War Alliance and United Nations
Discuss "Enhancing Practical Co-operation"

NATO recently touted its co-operation with the United Nations. This would seem to be a contradiction in terms, given that the UN was founded on the basis of defending international peace after World War II by upholding the sovereignty and equality of all nations and providing the mechanisms to work out differences based on diplomatic means. NATO, for its part, was founded for the express purpose of undermining the UN and imposing a Cold War ideology on international relations to advance Anglo-American imperialist aims.

On November 7, NATO's Military Committee hosted Lieutenant General Carlos Humberto Loitey, UN Military Adviser, for a briefing on its activities. Chairman of NATO's Military Committee, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, remarked, "Since 2008, our co-operation has grown significantly. In 2018, we signed a new joint declaration to further enhance our co-operation. Today, we work closely together on Afghanistan and Iraq. And NATO operations are carried out under UN Security Council mandates. NATO has also pledged support for UN peacekeeping operations. There is still more NATO and the UN can do together."

The UN Military Adviser referenced the involvement of NATO countries in current UN peacekeeping operations, saying that NATO members contribute more than 5,000 personnel to UN Peacekeeping Operations. He explained that NATO has also provided support to UN-sponsored operations, which includes logistical assistance to the African Union's UN-endorsed peacekeeping operations in Darfur, Sudan, and in Somalia; support for UN disaster-relief operations in Pakistan; and escorting merchant ships carrying World Food Programme humanitarian supplies off the coast of Somalia.

NATO states: "Practical co-operation between NATO and the UN extends beyond operations, including amongst other projects, the co-operation on tackling terrorist misuse of technology, countering improvised explosive devices, border security, providing assistance to NATO Allies in the identification and prosecution of foreign terrorist fighters, and strengthening capabilities to deal with threats posed by terrorist attacks with the use of chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear weapons."

Air Chief Marshal Peach concluded the November 7 meeting by saying, "This high-level visit is an opportunity to reconfirm the commitment between our organisations and discuss areas where we could enhance our practical co-operation while remaining complimentary and avoiding duplications. We could both benefit by working together on crisis assessment and management, information sharing, training and education, tackling corruption in the defence sector, promoting the role of women in peace and security, the protection of civilians, including children, in armed conflict, combating sexual and gender-based violence, and arms control and non-proliferation."

NATO's report on the November 7 meeting also refers to UN Security Council Resolutions as providing "the mandate for NATO's operations in the Western Balkans, Afghanistan and Libya. They have also provided the framework for NATO's training mission in Iraq." Rather than this indicating a field of co-operation, these activities show how the UN Security Council has been co-opted for warmongering aims to provide a legal veneer for unjust wars of aggression in all those countries.

Overall, this situation shows the growing danger posed by NATO, not only through its outright aggression, but also through its attempts to put a humanitarian face on its war preparations and to insinuate itself as a legitimate body that is qualified to intervene in social, political and economic affairs. It must not pass.


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