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Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2020, No.20, May 30
Links to individual articles:
What Outlook to Take on the Impact on the Economy of the Coronavirus
EasyJet to Sack 4,500 as Crisis in the Airline Industry Deepens
Workers' Forum:
Who Is GKN Trying to Kid with its Voluntary Redundancy Scheme?
Coronavirus Pandemic:
Protests Continue over Missing PPE for Front-line Healthcare Workers
Working Women Bearing the Brunt of the Coronavirus Crisis

News in Brief:
Lockdown restrictions lifted before experts ready to lower coronavirus threat level from 'high', No 10 admits
Online Meeting:
Cuba, an Internationalist Response to the Covid-19 Global Health Crisis
Trade Bill:
The Necessity for Trade on an Equal Basis and for Mutual Benefit, Where the People Decide
Important International Anniversary:
Marking Africa Day 2020

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2020, No.19, May 23
Links to individual articles:
Teachers, Support Workers and their Unions, Together with the BMA, Defend their Right to Decide
For Your Information:
The Children's Commissioner for England
Workers' Forum:
Protect Our Health and Care Workers
A Need to Change the Direction of the Economy:
Organisation of the Economy
Anti-War Movement:
Stop the War's First Ever Online Steering Committee Meeting

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2020, No.18, May 16
Links to individual articles:
Coronavirus Contact Tracing and Tracking App Trials Begin on the Isle of Wight
No Rolling Over - No Guinea Pigs on the Isle of Wight!
Coronavirus Pandemic:
Coronavirus and Civil Liberties
Independent Scientists Criticise Government's Covid-19 Approach
The Neo-liberal Fiction of "Balance"
For Your Information:
Herd Immunity and Social Experimentation
Workers' Forum:
Assessing Where We Are in the Fight to Make Health Care a Right for All
Government's Rushed and Reckless Call for Schools, Colleges and Nurseries to Start Opening
Workers' Movement:
Education Unions' Statement on the Safe Reopening of Schools
News in Brief:
Headteachers' union says schools cannot fulfill government's 'unrealistic' criteria to reopen
75th Anniversary of the End Of World War II:
75th Anniversary of the Victory over Fascism in Europe
Causes and Lessons of World War II

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2020, No.17, May 2
Links to individual articles:
Workers' Forum:Brutal Announcements from the Airline Industry
Workers' Movement: Vehement Response to Airlines' Announcement of Mass Sackings
Teachers Step Up Fight to Make their Voices Heard and Ensure Safety for Staff and Pupils
Coming Online Events: Employment Rights After Coronavirus
Refugees and the Pandemic: The Crisis within the Crisis
China Flies More than 22 million Pieces of Protective Equipment to the NHS and Social Care Services
For Your Information:
Evidence around the Covid-19 Pandemic
News in Brief:
Almost half of UK doctors had to buy their own PPE

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2020, No.16 , Special Issue May 1

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2020, No.14, April 18
Links to individual articles:
Working People Speaking Out in their Own Name in Face of Pressure for an "Exit Strategy"
Coronavirus Pandemic:
Nothing Is More Precious than the Right to Life
For Your Information:
Dominic Cummings, Andrew Sabisky and Eugenicism at the Heart of Government
Unprecedented Number of "Do Not Resuscitate" Orders for Learning Disabilities Patients
Letter to the Editor
News in Brief:
Inside NHS Nightingale: Staff speak out about reality of care at London coronavirus hospital
Workers' Memorial Day:
Defend Workers' Rights! Defend the Rights of All!
Workers' Forum:
Trades Council Webinar Supports Whipps Cross Workers
Continuing Concern over Pressure on Teachers to Agree to Early School Re-opening
Open Schools When It Is Safe
For Your Information:
Tata Jaguar and Other Car Manufacturers to Restart Production

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2020, No.14, April 18
Links to individual articles:
The Outdated and Unacceptable Arrangements As Government Ignores People Who Die in Care Homes
Coronavirus Pandemic:
The Need for Workers to Have a Decisive Say in the Furlough Scheme
Disproportionate Impact of COVID-19 on Minorities Underscores Need for People's Empowerment
Rights and Health of Refugees, Migrants and Stateless Must Be Protected in COVID-19 Response
Workers' Forum:
No to Early School Opening, Which Would Jeopardise Human Life and Safety
London's Fallen Bus Workers Honoured with Minute's Silence and a Demand for More Protection

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2020, No.13, April 11
Links to individual articles:
The Queen's Speech - Eva Dance
For Your Information:
Coronavirus and the Importance of Wearing Masks to Contain the Spread of the Disease
No to Britain's Warmongering International Role in the Face of the Pandemic:
Provocative Ongoing NATO Military Exercises in Europe
The US, Britain and their Allies Must Be Condemned for their Threats and Sanctions against Venezuela

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2020, No.12, April 4
Links to individual articles:
Virus Testing Turnaround Illustrates the Government's Failure to Lead
Workers' Forum:
Health Workers Fight For Testing and Personal Protective Equipment
ASOS Warehouse Workers in Yorkshire Strike over Company Disregard for Workers during Pandemic
Trade Union Receives Evidence of Over-Crowding at Construction Work Sites
NASUWT: Callous Decisions Made at a Time of National Crisis
International Co-operation in Operation:
The Inspiring Example of Cuba's "Medical Internationalism"

UN secretary general: Recovery from the Coronavirus Crisis Must Lead to a Better World

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2020, No.11, March 28
Links to individual articles:
Defend the Rights of Workers, Defend the Rights of All
Healthcare: A Matter of Human Relations

The Stand of the Education Workers to the Coronavirus Outbreak
Cuba's Timely Assistance to British Passenger Ship
China Bolsters Global Effort to Combat Coronavirus
International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2020, No.10, March 25
Links to individual articles:
In Memoriam - Carole Chant
Speaking Out on the Need to Take Up Social Responsibility for the Coronavirus Pandemic
Petition to the Government: A public inquiry into scientific advice government followed in the coronavirus pandemic
Letter to the Editor: Government Flies in the Face of Social Responsibility towards the Coronavirus Pandemic
Letter to the Editor: People taking the initiative on the Isle of Wight

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2020, No.9, March 14
Links to individual articles:
A Budget Serving the Interests of the Wealthy: Working People Must Be Empowered to Speak in their Own Name
TUC Says Government Coronavirus Announcements Leave Millions of Workers Behind
Marking the 41st Anniversary of RCPB(ML)

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2020, No.8, March 7
Links to individual articles:
Marking International Women's Day 2020
Court of Appeal Rules against Government over Heathrow Expansion
No to the "Stephen A Schwarzman Centre for the Humanities" at Oxford University
Government Ignores Lessons of Rail Privatisation
Military Intervention in West Africa under the Guise of Peacekeeping Must Cease

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2020, No.7, February 29
Links to individual articles:
Oppose the Government's Divisive and Anti-human Immigration Policy
Working People Need their Say in Trade Deals
Interviews with Striking University Staff
NEU Holds Rally in London as Sixth Form Colleges Take Strike Action
The Corona Virus and Social Responsibility

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2020, No.6, February 22
Links to individual articles:
Government Pushes Ahead with HS2: The Issue Is: Who Decides?
University Lecturers Embark on 14 Days of Strikes to Persist in and Widen their Struggle
NHS Winter Crisis Day of Action
Thousands of East Londoners Condemn Plans to Cut Beds in New Whipps Cross Hospital
"The Republic is within our sight"
Francie Brolly, A Great Irish Patriot
Prevent and the Criminalisation of Protest
Thousands Take to the Streets in Massive Strike Action

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2020, No.5, February 8
Links to individual articles:
University Lecturers Persist in and Widen the Struggle in Defence of Pensions and to Safeguard the Future of Higher Education
Government Plan to "Hobble" Strike Action by Transport Unions
Workers Sacked at GKN Aerospace
Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign and Others Hold Events in Support

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2020, No.4, February 1
Links to individual articles:
Brexit Day: Working People Charting their Own Path in Present Circumstances
Increasing Britain's Exploitation of the Wealth of Africa
In Memoriam Hylda Sims
Building the Resistance and Seizing the Initiative

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2020, No.3, January 25
Links to individual articles:
The Government's Programme on the Constitution and Rights
NHS Funding Bill 2019-20: "Mandatory" Funding Obscures How the NHS Should be Funded and Pursues a Corporate-Led Direction
France: Movement against Anti-Social Offensive and for Rights Intensifies

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2020, No.2, January 18
Links to individual articles:
RCPB(ML) Holds its 2020 New Year Social
No War on Iran! All Foreign Troops Out of Iraq!

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2020, No.1, January 4
Links to individual articles:
Advancing into 2020!
Condemn US Acts of War and Lawless Killings Step up the Demand for British Forces To Be Brought Home Immediately
Takeover of Cobham Multinational Reveals Narrow Private Interests Striving to Dominate World Today

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