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Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2021, No.12, April 10
Links to individual articles:
22nd Anniversary of the Bombing of Yugoslavia:
NATO's War against Serbia and Kosovo
Anti-War Movement:
Let Us Be Clear, There Are No Cuts - Just Huge Budget Hikes For An Increasingly Aggressive War Machine
National Easter Commemoration Address by Sinn Féin President:
Now Is the Time for Irish Unity
Workers' Forum:
Workers at Deliveroo Continue to Fight for Control over their Lives and Working Conditions

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2021, No.11, April 3
Links to individual articles:
Liberty Steel in Crisis:
Need for an Outcome that Favours Communities and the Socialised Economy
Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities Report:
People Must Rely on their Own Experience in the Struggle against State Racism and All Forms of Oppression
Joint Statement in Response to the Sewell Report
US blockade of Cuba:
The Fight of Revolutionary Cuba for Its Right to Be
The long tradition of Cuba in biotechnology:
Cuba's Race to Vaccine Sovereignty

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2021, No.10, March 27
Links to individual articles:
Police Powers and Violence against Women
Marking the 150th Anniversary of the Paris Commune:
Showing the Way Towards a New Society
The Paris Commune and the Need for Political Power
Celebrating International Women's Day:
Online Meeting of Women on March 8
Anniversary of RCPB(ML):
Letter of Greetings to RCPB(ML) on its 42nd Anniversary from CPC(ML)
Congratulatory Letter from the Workers' Party of Korea to RCPB(ML)
Workers' Forum:
Electricians Fight for their Dignity and Rights
Workers' Strike Struggles

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2021, No.9, March 13
Links to individual articles:
Need for New Direction for Economy Further Confirmed by Government Budget and Economic Policy
Government's 1% Pay Offer for NHS Staff:
Concern Continues among Health Workers about the Conditions They Face
The increasingly widespread use of "fire and rehire":
Resistance to Assault on Workers' Rights Continues to Build

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2021, No.8, March 6
Links to individual articles:
Covert Human Intelligence Sources Act Becomes Law
Settling Scores with History:
Bristol Demands Atonement and Reparations for Crime against Humanity
Workers' Forum:
Go Ahead Spy on Striking Manchester Bus Drivers
The Fight For an Anti-War Government:
Important Stands of the Stop the War Coalition

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2021, No.7, February 27
Links to individual articles:
No to the Covert Human Intelligence Sources Bill!
Necessity for a new kind of authority in which workers act and speak in their own name:
Uber Drivers Make Headway in Control over their Lives and Working Conditions
NHS White Paper:
Continuing the Wrong Direction for a System of Health and Social Care
Workers' Forum:
Unite Demands Action over Denial of Workers' Rights
British Gas Workers Take Further Strike Action as Centrica Reveals £700m Profits

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2021, No.6, February 20
Links to individual articles:
Fight for An Anti-War Government!
Removing the Veil of the Warmongers

Review of Stop the War Coalition Pamphlet:
No Return to Blair Wars - a Reply to Open Labour
Workers' Forum:
Firefighters Achieve Landmark Court Ruling in their Struggle to Guarantee Pension Rights
GKN Driveline Factory Set for Closure by Asset-Stripping Owner, Melrose Industries
The Making of History:
The Struggle between the Old and the New

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2021, No.5, February 13
Links to individual articles:
What Next? Spycops Inquiry Hearing
Undercover Policing Inquiry Holds One-Day Hearing

Spycops Inquiry Hearing:
Starmer Must Give Evidence to Inquiry, Say Activists Fitted Up by Spycops
Workers' Forum:
Transport Workers Condemn Employers over Disregard for Covid Variant Measures
End "Fire and Rehire"! British Gas Strikers Persist in Crucial Struggle
Make Work Safe:
No More Deaths! Railway Worker Killed While Working on Track

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2021, No.4, February 6
Links to individual articles:
Present Need for a Human-Centred System of Health and Social Care as Government Forced to Offer New Guidance
Irresponsibility of Government to Residents in Care Homes Continues

Workers' Forum:
Heroic Shrewsbury Pickets to go to Court Again 47 Years On

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2021, No.3, January 30
Links to individual articles:
Consolidating Covert and Overt Police Powers
Covert Human Intelligence Bill Nears Becoming Law

Workers' Forum:
Conditions of Workers Under Threat from Owners of Tata Jaguar
The Peoples of Ethiopia and Eritrea Will Be their Own Liberators:
Concerns over Humanitarian Crisis in Tigray, Ethiopia
Global Day of Action, January 25, 2021:
World Says No to War on Yemen
Yemen Nightmare in 2020

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2021, No.2, January 23
Links to individual articles:
Defence of the Rights of All:
Government to Introduce New Laws to Continue the Glorification of the Indefensible
Trade Bill 2020-2021 Ping Pong debate:
The Fight Continues to Limit the Power of the Global Monopolies to Impose Trade Agreements on Society
Public Online Meeting:
Covid 2021: Lockdown, Communities and Schools
Workers' Forum:
Strike at Barnoldswick's Rolls-Royce Ends in an Agreement
Preserving the Security of the Constitutional Order in the United States:
Trump Presidency Comes to an End

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2021, No.1, January 16
Links to individual articles:
England Placed into Third National Lockdown:
Necessity for Working Class and People to Be at the Heart of Providing Solutions
Safeguarding the Future of the Health Service:
A Wrong Direction for a System of Care
Vitamin D and Covid-19:
Government's Dereliction of Duty and Care
Workers' Forum:
No to "Fire and Rehire"! British Gas Workers Strike
Let the Workers Decide Whether BTECs Go Ahead
Voices of the world reject U.S. aggression against Cuba:
Condemn the Fraudulent Designation of Cuba as State Sponsor of Terrorism
Cuba Is Not a Sponsor of Terrorism!
Cuba Solidarity Campaign statement on the United States' listing of Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism
Report NATO 2030 United for New Era:
NATO is Incompatible with the Desire of the People for Peace and Security
New Year 2021:
The Party Begins the New Year with Online Forum
SUPPLEMENT - January 6 Events in the United States:
Counterrevolution Within the Counterrevolution

New Year Statement of RCPB(ML) 2021

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