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Asda Distribution Workers to Vote on Pay Deal

Nearly 8,000 Asda warehouse workers began vote on whether to accept a revised pay offer on January 31, reports the GMB.

The supermarket had previously refused to make a meaningful offer to distribution workers, resulting in a 94% voting to indicate that they were prepared to take strike action, reports the union. The company then made an improved offer to workers.

GMB also highlight that ASDA and GMB are currently locked in a long-running equal pay claim on behalf of 40,000 Asda workers over whether the predominantly female shop floor workforce deserves equal pay to that of those in the distribution centre.

GMB National Officer Nadine Houghton said: "Asda's distribution workers have put pressure on bosses to get an improved pay offer. It is now up to them if they are willing to accept it. If they turn this pay offer down, we will have no choice but to move to a formal strike ballot."

The ballot closes on February 14.


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