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International Women's Day 2022:

Extraordinary Concert on the Occasion of International Women's Day

On March 4, over 60 musicians and well over 150 audience took part in a wonderful and colourful tribute concert to mark the contributions and character of Carole Finer-Chant. It was organised to be close to the occasion of International Women's Day in her honour and that of all fighting women. It was an occasion she always marked.

Everyone who knew her or came into contact with Carole came to recognise that what was significant was the journey, of being in the happening of life. Carole's being was akin to that of a traveller's caravan. Never one to despair, her caravan was filled with mirth, colour, joy, hope, talent, appreciation and deep love for people and their dear love for her.

This act of being, of affirming life, stands as an example, as does the character of the concert, which was of everyone - including the musicians, her friends, family and admirers - coming together as part of a grand ensemble, while making their particular contributions. The participants felt humbled but exhilarated.

The caravan moves on! Celebrate International Women's Day!


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