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Causes and Context of the Conflict in Ukraine

Oppose US/NATO Expansion and Provocations against Russia

The people of the world desire peace, not war. But to further this objective, it is necessary to speak out against the US/NATO expansion eastwards, which Russia has for many years been warning against, and the use of Ukraine as a base to attempt to encircle, isolate and ultimately crush Russia. Russia's military operations in Ukraine must be seen in this context.

The sanctions imposed on Russia, including Russian oligarchs, not to speak of the persecution of cultural, sports and other figures who have refused to humiliate themselves and bow to the dictate coming from the US and NATO, will not, and are not intended to, sort out the problems stemming from the end of the bi-polar division of the world, 1989-1991. It can be seen also that the "international community" excludes many countries, including Venezuela, Cuba, South Africa, China and the DPRK, who are also refusing to give voice to the same outlook as the US, Britain and NATO.

The US is pushing forward its dictate over the whole of Europe, arming NATO to the teeth, while accusing Russia of aggression and invasion. Britain for its part is silent about the nature of NATO, presenting it as a defensive organisation, and all parties in Westminster are complicit in this. They are silent too about the slogans of the neo-Nazi forces in Ukraine which have been mobilised to carry out terrorist attacks against the population in eastern Ukraine. Rather they have been promoting the historical Nazi slogans of "Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!"

There would not be this conflict in the Ukraine today had the US not expanded NATO at all, had it agreed to keep Ukraine out of NATO and not used it to permit neo-Nazi gangs to attack the population of eastern Ukraine and threaten Russia's borders. It should have dismantled NATO after the Warsaw Pact was officially disbanded in March and July of 1991, following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Instead, the US expanded NATO and is engaging in brinkmanship, pushing to see how far it can go in the hopes it can prevail to crush Russia and then deal with China from a position of strength.

This could never be the road to peace. The working class and people here in Britain must oppose US/NATO expansion and the provocations against Russia, seek truth from facts, as many people are in fact doing and coming to warranted conclusion, and settle scores with our own pro-war government, fighting to establish in Britain an Anti-War Government.


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