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Fight for An Anti-War Government

Need to Speak Out in the Face of Our Own Pro-War Government

Everywhere NATO and the US and Britain go they cause wars, death and destruction. Witness Yugoslavia, Libya and the Middle East. Now they have further turned their attention to warmongering in Eastern Europe. It is not just the anti-war protesters as has been said in Russia but the peoples of Russia and Ukraine do not want war. We do not need to remind ourselves that they lost millions of people fighting Nazi Germany and made so many sacrifices. So neither will they accept US, British or German troops who are aligned with neo-Nazi forces to occupy their lands and dictate to them.

Secondly, given the danger of all-out European war, it is urgent that the British people do not accept any limitations on their freedom of speech. The need is to be able to argue out what is what, and what stand favours our interests and the interests of the peoples of the world for peace. The people need to be able to get the facts. The all out hysterical Russophobia and disinformation is unprecedented and is aimed at trying to block the people having their own outlook to end these wars.

Particularly, no-one is supposed to raise what is the intervention of the US and NATO in Ukraine over the last years, their so-called "colour revolutions", nor the consequences of the February 2014 Maidan coup sponsored by NATO and the EU, the NATO backed eight-year civil war. Nor how the US and Britain has supported the Ukrainian regime in ignoring the the Minsk agreements and UN resolutions and encouraging them to use force.

During the pandemic we saw the build of Britain's role in war preparations, exercises and threats to Russia in Eastern Europe and in the Black Sea. In Ukraine itself they are helping to integrate neo-Nazis into the Ukrainian army and training them on how to defeat fellow Ukrainians in Donetsk and Lugansk. These things need to be pointed out and discussed.

There is a need to oppose the hysteria and the need to act in a calm way to discuss the situation. The working class and people need to concentrate on their own vantage point and develop the movements of the people against war in the complicated situation they are in. This is the profound desire of so many in the anti-war movement. There is a need to speak out and oppose the oppressive propaganda of our own pro-war government.


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