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Anti-War Movement

Necessity to Bring about an Anti-War Government

Speech by Roger Nettleship, Chair of Newcastle Stop the War, at a rally at the Monument, Newcastle, March 12, 2022

Dave Hamet singing the "Masters of War" at the March 12th rally in Newcastle

I think the first fact that we need to look at is that everywhere the US and Britain as well as NATO go they cause division, wars, death and destruction as well as proxy wars. You only have to look at their history in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and South America. That is the record of fact.

Since the US/NATO's latest defeat in the 20-year war in Afghanistan, which led to more than 100,000 of deaths and bombed Afghanistan into the stone-age, they have now turned their attention to continuing the militarising of Eastern Europe and the East Asia Pacific claiming the main enemy is Russia and China. This is fact.

Have lessons been learnt by the US and Britain, or the NATO military block by their defeat in Afghanistan? No they are seeking even bigger wars with their warmongering brinkmanship. This is not going to solve the problems in the world, or make the people of our countries more safe and secure, or bring about peace.

The US and NATO's involvement in Ukraine, especially since the 2014 Maidan coup, started a civil war in Ukraine in which thousands men women and children have died. NATO's interference and arming of Ukraine and egging it on against their own Russian speaking people in Ukraine, egging it on to become a new NATO member has finally provoked Russia into taking military action. Russia say for their security concerns for themselves and the Russian speaking people in Ukraine which have been ignored.

So what is our government doing? What is the US doing? Are they finally trying to bring about peace in Ukraine? On the contrary, they are doing the opposite! They are using the crisis of Russia's invasion to economically cripple Russia's economy in their interests, isolate it and embroil it in an escalating war. They are sending arms and not calling for peace. They are going all out to encourage an insurgency in Ukraine that, Hilary Clinton hopes will last 10 years, destroying Ukraine and Russia. Just as she called for the destruction of Libya.

It will not happen! The people of Russia and Ukraine will find a way to end this war.

We have hope. Not just because there are anti-war protesters in Russia as well as us here fighting for an anti-war government. But we see hope because the majority of the peoples of Russia and Ukraine do not want war, even those that are fighting. Let's remind ourselves that the people of Russian and Ukraine fought together and lost millions of people fighting Nazi Germany and making so many sacrifices to defeat the attempt of the Nazis destroy Ukraine and Russia, formerly the Soviet Union. Why should they now accept NATO with its warmongering agenda against Russia and China arming neo-Nazi forces and integrating them into the army and state as they are doing?

Do the US and British governments really care about Ukrainians? Do they care about peace? They are fuelling the war by sending weapons to Ukraine. They are both also continuing racist and anti-immigration policies against refugees from Ukraine. They are bullying Poland and other European countries to take on this burden of refugees from Ukraine. They are also allowing the inhuman treatment of Russian people abroad with their Russophobia and that of their media. It beggars belief that there is no law, or process in seizing the bank accounts of anyone they want to as long as they are Russian.

During the pandemic few people knew that our government was party to the US and NATO build up of war preparations in Eastern Europe, exercises with huge military forces creating forward military bases in Eastern Europe in, Poland, Norway, Estonia and in the Black Sea where their warships caused provocations against Russia. Last year, we had online meetings of Newcastle Stop the War on these huge continuous military exercises of NATO during the pandemic all aimed against Russia and China.

This is our vantage point in Britain. There is a whole history of the anti-war movement opposing Britain's warmongering role in NATO alongside the US. We have made and can still make a difference and strike a blow against their wars by reminding ourselves that the main enemy for war is at home and not in Russia. Stop the War must help people see through the lies and disinformation on the role of the US, Britain and NATO in provoking this war in Ukraine by its weaponisation of Ukraine against Russia, a weaponisation that goes against the peace and security of all the Ukrainian people and is not in their interests.

The necessity in Britain is to bring about an anti-war government and an end Britain's warmongering. This is the decisive move we can make against NATO and war in the world.


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