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NATO War Preparations against Russia

Ramped Up Troop Deployments to Eastern Europe and Further Militarisation of Ukraine

The ramped up troop deployments to eastern Europe and further militarisation of Ukraine is not aimed at bringing about a peaceful solution for Ukraine. Many years before Russia took military action in Ukraine, the 30 NATO member countries were moving troops into Eastern Europe up to Russia's borders under the guise of "containing Russia". Britain itself currently has more than 900 British military personnel in Estonia, more than 100 troops in Ukraine and approximately 150 soldiers in Poland. More troops are being deployed including 400 British marines to Poland.

It was reported that, speaking ahead of the extraordinary Summit of the Heads of State and Government NATO summit on Thursday March 24, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that [1] Britain would provide 6,000 new defensive missiles, including high-explosive weapons, and £25m from Foreign Office funds to help Ukraine pay its military and police forces. Not all of the missiles are expected to be next-generation light anti-tank weapons (NLAWs) - of which Britain has already provided more than 4,200.

From the outset, the British government has taken a leading role alongside the US in underwriting Ukraine's war effort and has refused to support the peace negotiations between Ukraine and Russia. In the lead-up to Russia's military action, Johnson met with Lithuanian and Polish leaders to discuss battle plans, deployed specialist British troops to the region and to Ukraine, taking sides in the civil war in Ukraine, training thousands of snipers for the neo-Nazi Azov brigades and provided a welter of weapons. In the current situation, it is reported that Boris Johnson has daily phone conversations to co-ordinate war efforts in Ukraine, which was further revealed by the readiness of the Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace, to engage in what turned out to be a call from someone posing as the Ukrainian Prime Minister. The Defence Secretary was filmed saying that the UK would send more missiles but was "running out of our own" on a hoax call last week.

In what has been described as "NATO Enhanced Forward Presence" in Eastern Europe, NATO has also activated, for the first time its "40,000-strong Response Force". It comprises land, air, sea and special forces units "capable of being deployed quickly on operations wherever needed".

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg previewing [2] the NATO summit on Thursday said: "There are now hundreds of thousands of Allied troops at heightened readiness across the Alliance, 100,000 US troops in Europe and 40,000 forces under direct NATO command, mostly in the eastern part of the alliance. All backed by major air and naval power, including five carrier strike groups in the High North and in the Mediterranean. At the Summit tomorrow, we will make further decisions. I expect leaders will agree to strengthen NATO's posture in all domains. With major increases to our forces in the eastern part of the Alliance. On land, in the air, and at sea. The first step is the deployment of four new NATO battlegroups. In Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia. Along with our existing forces in the Baltic countries and Poland, this means that we will have eight multinational NATO battlegroups all along the eastern flank, from the Baltic to the Black Sea."

During his press conference, Stoltenberg said that the NATO summit would also confront China's support and pursuit of a peaceful outcome for the Russia/Ukraine peace talks. Stoltenberg gave blatant lies and disinformation about China's position and posed the threat of spreading NATO's military provocations from Russia to China as well.

The ramped up troop deployments to eastern Europe and further militarisation of Ukraine will not bring about a peaceful solution for Ukraine, Russia, or the people of Europe. What further conflicts, as has happened with NATO's military arming of Ukraine, will it give rise to? NATO has never worked to preserve peace and security for the peoples of Europe, or the world as its provocations against China over the last few years reveal. Its participation in US wars of aggression against Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria and its military involvement in provoking Russia in Ukraine, provide whatever proof is required to show that it is not a force for peace or security.

1. UK doubles number of missiles sent to Ukraine ahead of Nato summit - The Guardian
2. NATO leaders will decide on next steps to protect and defend all Allies - NATO


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