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Brutal Sacking of 800 P&O Workers

Seafarers Demonstrate against Brutal Sackings by P&O

A demonstration organised by the RMT demanded the reinstatement of sacked P&O workers. Demonstrators gathered on March 21 at Palace Street in London to demand the immediate reinstatement of the workers and the resignation of P&O Ferries CEO Peter Hebblethwaite. There were also calls to "seize the ships" and put the company under public ownership.

After gathering at the DP World offices in Palace Street, near Buckingham Palace, the demonstration marched to Parliament Square where RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch spoke, as well Jeremy Corbyn and several Labour MPs. Speakers emphasised the shameless nature of the attack and the dismal state of British employment legislation and workers' rights. They enjoined the politicians speaking out against the attacks in Parliament to put their money where their mouths were and join the rally.

What came through in the demonstration and rally is that this attack has implications for the defence of the rights of all working people.

Demonstrations also took place at Liverpool, Dover and Hull, as well as Cairnryan and Larne. Further demonstrations are planned.


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