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May Day 2022, International Day of Working Class Struggle and Unity

Fighting for the New, Leaving the Old Behind

RCPB(ML) sends its militant May Day greetings to working people throughout the world. RCPB(ML) extends its militant May Day greetings to the peoples of the countries which have been exhibiting historical and social responsibility, and to all working people in struggle to solve the problems which step by step will bring about and strengthen a human-centred society. May First is the day of international working class unity, the day of expressing our common cause in the struggle to bring about a world without war, without the exploitation of persons by persons, with the recognition of the rights of all by virtue of being human. This is the new world which requires effort and vision to bring into being, a world which is not simply replacing one government by another, one ruling elite by another. It is a world where the rights of the individual are inseparably linked with the rights of all, not in contradiction with them. It is a world where all participate in deciding, in being in control of, their own future, where society is organised for the benefit of human beings, not the private interests that ride roughshod of the rights of human beings. It is a world where the social wealth produced by the working class is put to use for the benefit of ordinary people, the producers.

Working people must be the ones who determine what must be done. Workers must have their voices heard on all political and economic questions. More than this, the working class must have its own vantage point, its own frame of reference, which it starts from in discussing all these questions of concern for the whole of society. For instance, what this means is not to start from the viewpoint of bemoaning that the all-round crisis, both political and economic, as well as cultural and on all other fronts, is so deep and all-encompassing. The working class cannot afford to be a party to divisions blaming one faction of the Westminster consensus and cartel parties. It must affirm that those who create the new value in society, the workers themselves, can utilise their strength, their number, their comradeship and co-operation, to provide the crisis with solutions, based on the working people and the vast majority in society having the power, both in their collectives and in society as a whole, to break through the limitations. They will organise the economy so that guaranteeing the well-being of all is the aim, and a political system where all speak in their own name. The conditions are demanding that the working class take up its historic role to lead all working people in action to fight for their own rights in a manner which upholds the rights of all. The producers of the social wealth must take hold of what belongs to them.

In opposition to the attack on the rights of each and of all, of privatisation and neo-liberalism, which are being promoted and carried out, such as the Nationality and Borders Bill, the Health and Care Bill, the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, the labour laws which attempt to put limits on the power of working people to defend their rights, not to mention the challenge of climate change and the rights of Mother Earth - in opposition to the attacks on all of these, people are organising as to how to be effective in their opposition and in their vision for a just and peaceful future.

On the front of the economy and workers' rights, standing exposed, the ruling circles have turned a blind eye to "Fire and Rehire" and simply "Fire" schemes such as at P&O ferries. They have not turned the same blind eye to the growing resistance. In fact they view labour as a "cost", a burden, not a producer of wealth. They do not want the labour used to enhance security, welfare or health and safety. This is the new provocation against front-line organised forces in the workers' movement. Key workers in transport have been threatened, such as railway workers, who are being placed in a position of defending their rights, resisting an assault and fighting against schemes to bale out the rich. The attack is on their livelihoods, their health and safety and also public safety.

What is proving crucial to grasp at this time is the necessity urgently to work for and elaborate the character, form and content of an Anti-War Government, in the course of settling scores with the old conscience of the ruling elites who are profoundly pro-war. It is the internationalist duty of the working class in Britain to oppose, fight and reject all the propaganda and outlook of the ruling elites, war profiteers, bankrupt "representatives", and so on, who tell us that NATO is a force for peace, that the rich are a force for equity, that those who defend the British empire are a force for enlightenment. Those forces are marauding globally, spreading hysteria, committing aggression and causing havoc. It is necessary to identify US/NATO, including Britain, as the provoker and instigator of conflict. But crucially, the movement to reject such backwardness, such embodiments of the Old, is very profound, within Britain and world-wide. The old arrangements, where the monarch rules her subjects as a fictitious person of state, are in a state of crisis and being rejected. It follows that the people must themselves speak out and consider what new arrangements are possible and necessary, and prepare now to discuss how they should be put in place and who should be the decision-makers.

This is a decisive time for the world's people in the face of the dangers posed by those who would destroy what they cannot control. There is an alternative around which the fight must be strengthened and unity built, beginning with the immediate programme: Stop Paying the Rich! Increase Investments in Social Programmes! Fight for an Anti-War Government! Let us join this struggle to fight for the New, and leave the Old behind.

Working and Oppressed People of All Countries, Unite!


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