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Unwelcome Guests Stalk the Caribbean

The website of the Caribbean Organisation for Peoples Empowerment on April 27, 2022, carried this article by A T Freeman headed: It's time to end these demeaning "royal visits"

Protesters in St Vincent and Grenadines at the arrival of The Earl and
the Countess of Wessex.Photograph: Kenton X Chance/I-Witness News

Once again the people of the Caribbean are being subjected to another "visit" from members of Britain's royal family. This current visit sees the British queen's youngest son Edward and his wife Sophie's visit to St Vincent and the Grenadines, St Lucia and Antigua and Barbuda after they postponed the Grenada leg of their trip. It follows on closely from the visit of the queen's grandson William and his wife, Katherine, to Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas in March.

Protesters in Kingstown greet the Royal couple. Photograph: Kenton X Chance/I-Witness News

These representatives of the British state have been met at every turn with the righteous indignation of the people of the Caribbean who are demanding that Britain fully acknowledge its guilt for the historic crimes against humanity that it has committed in this region. These crimes include genocide against the indigenous people, the industrial human trafficking and enslavement of millions of African people and the cynical and calculated policies to prevent the social and economic development of the countries of the region. The demand is also being made that reparations must be paid for both these crimes and the wealth that has been stolen from the region over hundreds of years.

In its usual arrogant manner, the British government refuses to accept responsibility for the said crimes or legal liability for reparations. This was exemplified in its most grotesque form, when, in 2015, then British Prime Minister, David Cameron, contemptuously declared that with regards to Britain's crimes in the Caribbean, the people of the region "should move on".

There is no logical reason why these insulting and demeaning visits should be allowed to continue. The governments of the region should make it clear that no further such visits will be entertained until the British government accepts its guilt for the crimes it committed and declares unequivocally its willingness to pay reparations. [...]


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