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No US Nukes at Lakenheath! PROTEST

Join CND as we protest at RAF Lakenheath to stop the US nukes!

Saturday, May 21st - 1pm-3pm outside RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk

Coaches will be arranged from across the country, and transport will be available from Norwich rail station.

CND condemns the return of US nuclear weapons to RAF Lakenheath: join our campaign to protest against this extremely dangerous and destabilising development!

Following reports that the US Department of Defense has added the UK to a list of NATO nuclear weapons storage locations in Europe being upgraded under a multi-million dollar infrastructure programme, it is believed that US nuclear weapons will be coming to RAF Lakenheath, a base in the UK that is run by the Americans. Find out more: Link text

110 nuclear bombs were stored at the airbase until they were removed in 2008 following persistent popular protest, and they must not be allowed back.

The return of US nuclear weapons to Britain - along with the upgrading of its nuclear weapons across Europe - constitutes a further undermining of prospects for global peace. The US is the only country to locate its nuclear weapons outside its own borders and this major increase in NATO's capacity to wage nuclear war in Europe is dangerously destabilising. Their return will increase global tensions and put Britain on the front line in a NATO/Russia war.

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