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Demonstration: No US Nukes at Lakenheath!


John Maharg

The following poem was written by John Maharg on the first anniversary of the bombing of Libya which took place on Tuesday, April 15, 1986, by American aircraft flying from bases in Britain, "thus making the British government every bit as guilty of the deaths of men, women and children in an arbitrary punitive strike by American imperialism", as the poet himself writes. John Maharg was the pen name of Tom Graham, 1918-2004, worker poet, a comrade of RCPB(ML).

Oh Lakenheath
As English as an English rose
Breathing of summer in the bud
That April day of promise to high June
When hay is in the making
And the cattle browse
Drowsy with peace
As in the heat of the day the harvesters
Toil for the bread of life

That April day of promise to high June
The sky was innocent of evil
And a bird was singing
Its territorial song
From a deadly nest of razor wire
Screaming to heaven came
The sinister silhouettes of F one Elevens
Taking from Lakenheath to Tripoli
From Upper Heyford to Benghazi
Death on American wings
That April day

That April day of promise to high June
When we were sleeping in our homes
In our own country
As innocent of evil as the sky
That April day
Death on American wings was on its way
For execution of the innocents
In their own homes in their own country

For long time now and time to come
The American way of life for others has become
The American way of death

Out with the American way
The American way
The American way
From the military bases
Out and away from Lakenheath

From Mildenhall and Fairford
From upper Heyford
Out and away
Out and away
Oh Lakenheath!


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