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We demand better: March and Rally, June 18

Enough Is Enough! Working People on the March to Defend their Rights and the Rights of All!

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The TUC National Demonstration "We Demand Better" is taking place today, Saturday, June 18, in Central London, assembling from 11am in Portland Place and setting off at noon for a rally at 1pm in Parliament Square.

The working class and people are intensifying the struggles in the face of the assault on their rights, the laws against the working people's right to organise, and the rights of the whole of society. Working people are saying that enough is enough, and today is evidence that they are on the march to defend their rights and the rights of all.

The TUC has issued the call: We Demand Better. They have articulated the following demands:

While putting forward these demands, underlining the necessity to demand that the government acts to listen to and support working people, more than that workers themselves need to speak out and collectively and individually elaborate their solutions, in that sense empowering themselves as a workers' opposition to the Westminster parties, which are forming a cartel keeping the people out of power, and stirring up passions and divisions amongst them. Why should not workers themselves take steps to becoming worker politicians, so that they can speak in their own name?

The government's talk of "levelling-up" and the promise of a "high-wage economy" is a farce and a fraud. The cost-of-living crisis is intensifying, while the government, on behalf of vested interests tells workers to be "sensible". It appears that "levelling-up" means that the likes of the royal family and other billionaires can live off the wealth stolen from working people in this country and the colonies, while speaking from their golden thrones or their landed property in fraudulent costumes that the government will, surely, do something to tackle this cost-of-living crisis. Yes, the claims of the working class are just, and workers will not be lectured to as to what is in the country's interests while private vested interests of the rich are at the heart of government, a government which has no moral scruples beyond the interests of the financiers and oligarchs.

And what about social programmes, about health and education? They too are in crisis, while again it is the private interests that reap literally billions of pounds from the crisis, most notably the Covid crisis, while working people are the ones who care, who have shown an amazing sense of responsibility for the health and welfare of the ill, the vulnerable, the old and infirm. It is unconscionable that working people are now told to be sensible, that there is nothing that can be done about inflation, that its factors are beyond control, that recession is looming, while the rich can play every trick in the book to keep wealth in their own hands, and continue to benefit from these crises. The cures which the government are proposing are worse than the disease. The rich are the ones benefiting from the soaring energy, petrol and food prices, and austerity, militarisation and raising interest rates are causing devastation for society as a whole.

It is a vital and important struggle of working people to fight against the callous lowering of wages as costs spiral. It is essential that the workers continue to speak out, presenting solutions to the crisis, and demanding that they be implemented, which they need the power to do, and the struggles are giving them confidence. The workers are not a special interest group, as the government maintains, for example with the rail workers. They maintained their responsibility during the pandemic. Today they are demanding their rights and taking up responsibility for the future of society.

Further, the racism of the state is a serious problem that working people are taking up for solution. The hollow promises to recompense the Windrush generation are exposing this racism, which is running rampant with the inhuman treatment of refugees and those seeking asylum from the warfare and destruction that the powers-that-be have for generations been fomenting. This brutal treatment cannot be accepted for any human being.

As the workers are articulating with one voice: enough is enough! Our demands are just. Our claims on the value that working people produce are just. We can fight with a clear conscience and declare that a livelihood and a decent standard of living is a right. There is an alternative, there is a path out of this crisis. The future lies in the fight for the dignity of labour and the rights of all. Let our struggles give us confidence to take this path, to stop paying the rich, to apply the wealth that workers produce to investing in social programmes rather than benefiting marauding financial oligarchs, militarisation and marching in lock-step with the United States when it comes to the conflicts that imperialist globalisation is causing.

A modern economy can be made to serve the people's interests. It is not beyond our control. What is required is a new direction for the economy and the control of political affairs in the hands of working people.

Further build the collectives of the working class as a workers' opposition to the political control of the rich! Every step is a victory!


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