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TUC March and Rally Proclaims "We Demand Better - Enough Is Enough"

On June 18, tens of thousands of working people marched through the streets of central London and held a rally in Parliament Square, demanding action from the government to combat the cost-of-living crisis. The working people and their trade unions demanded better living conditions, real pay raises and a living wage for all, a ban on fire and re-hire schemes, decent sick benefits and an end to racism at work. They demanded that energy profits be taxed so that people can pay their bills, a boost in union bargaining rights now, and many more changes that would ensure rights and dignified living for all.

The day of action was organised by the Trades Union Congress, with workers of many sectors taking part. Students, anti-poverty organisations and others also participated. A feature of the day was the organising capability of workers through their trade unions, demonstrating their spirit and their discipline to affirm, speak out for, and defend their rights. The size of the march can be gauged from the fact that it took around two hours for all the contingents to pass its starting point. The trade union contingents not only had their own banners, tee-shirts and balloons, for example, but literally practically every individual carried placards expressing their own demands. It was also the case that the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) and the railworkers union, the RMT, received a hero's welcome as they entered Parliament Square in recognition of their fore-front role in articulating and fighting for the demands of the whole working class.

RCPB(ML) also played its part in discussing with people on the march and distributing copies of its June 18 statement specially reproduced for the occasion [1].

The march and rally signified that the working class and people are intensifying the struggles in the face of the assault on their rights, the laws against the working people's right to organise, and the rights of the whole of society. Working people are saying that enough is enough, and the march and rally were evidence that they are on the march to defend their rights and the rights of all.


1. "Enough Is Enough! Working People on the March to Defend their Rights and the Rights of All!", Workers' Weekly, June 18, 2022

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