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Resist the G8! Global Action Callout!

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Resist the G8! Global Action Callout!

The Road to Gleneagles

Stand up Against the Anti-Terror Laws
Release The Belmarsh Detainees!

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Resist the G8! Global Action Callout!

This year, the G8 Summit is being held in Gleneagles, Perthshire, Scotland, from July 6-8.

In 1998, 50,000 people came together to resist the G8 meeting in Birmingham and hold a People’s Summit. Since then, the movement to oppose the neo-liberal global agenda of the G8 and to affirm that Another World Is Possible and that We Will Create It has grown immeasurably. Global anti-summit mobilisations have linked diverse struggles tackling common issues, creating an historically unprecedented global "movement of movements".

A Global Day of Action has been called for Wednesday, July 6, which is a call for people to converge in Scotland as well as take action in villages, towns and cities world-wide. Alongside co-ordinated actions this is also a call for groups and movements to sum up the successes of the movement; a call to assess current strengths; a call to debate and strategise; and a call to formulate a global resistance.

Prior to the summit, demonstrations on Saturday, July 2, have been organised by the broad coalitions, Make Poverty History, G8 Alternatives and others. There will be a march from the Meadows, along Princes Street and back to the Meadows, and an alternative summit on Sunday, July 3, with speakers from developing countries and aid organisations talking about alternative solutions to world poverty. On Monday, July 3, protesters will move to Faslane nuclear base on the Clyde, and the following day there will a protest outside the Dungavel detention centre for asylum seekers.

It has been reported that the police will turn parts of central Edinburgh into virtual no-go areas. They are expected to lock down a campus around the Scottish Parliament and the Palace of Holyroodhouse and will also set up cordons around the Forth Road Bridge and Edinburgh Castle.

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The Road to Gleneagles

July 6-8, 2005

Gleaneagles Summit

June 16-17, 2005

G8 Justice and Interior Ministers Meeting, Sheffield, UK

June 11-11, 2005

G7 Finance Ministers Meeting, London

March 17-18, 2005

G8 Environment and Development Ministers Meeting, Derbyshire, UK

March 15-16, 2005

International Energy/Environment Ministers Roundtable, London

March 10-11, 2005

G8 Employment Ministers Meeting, London

February 4-5, 2005

G7 Finance Ministers, London

February 1-3, 2005

Scientific Conference on Climate Change, Exeter, UK

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A picket was held on Monday, 31 January, 2005, outside the Special Immigration Appeal Commission (SIAC) for the bail hearings of detainees B & P who are currently held without trial in Belmarsh prison under the Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Act (ATCSA).

CAMPACC (Campaign against Criminalising Communities) is also organising a National Parliamentary Lobby to defend human rights and civil liberties on Friday 11th – Saturday 12th March

Stop the politics of fear and state culture of suspicion
End indefinite detention without trial. Release the suspects imprisoned under the 2001 law or give them a fair jury trial.
End the UK derogation from Article 5 of the European Human Rights Convention, which guarantees the ancient right of habeas corpus, i.e. no imprisonment without trial and due process of law.
No acceptance of evidence obtained through torture under any conditions.
No extradition of suspects to USA and other countries where human rights and freedom from torture are not guaranteed.

Stop criminalising Muslim, refugee and minority communities under the anti-terror laws.
No bans on political organisations and or crimes of "association" with them.
No further powers that further erode civil liberties and the right to jury trial. These powers include ID cards and restrictions on the right to peaceful protest, as well as the anti-terrorism powers.

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