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DPRK to Suspend its Participation in Six-Party Talks for Indefinite Period

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DPRK to Suspend its Participation in Six-Party Talks for Indefinite Period

Letter from National Spokesperson of RCPB(ML) to Kim Jong Il

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DPRK to Suspend its Participation in Six-Party Talks for Indefinite Period

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) on Thursday, February 10, clarified its stand on coping with the grave situation created by the hostile US policy towards the DPRK.

A Foreign Ministry statement said:

The second-term Bush administration's intention to antagonise the DPRK and isolate and stifle it at any cost has become quite clear.

As we have clarified more than once, we justly urged the US to renounce its hostile policy toward the DPRK the aim of which was to seek the latter's "regime change" and switch its policy to that of peaceful co-existence between the two countries. We have closely followed with patience what policy the second-term Bush regime would shape after clarifying the stand that in that case it would be possible to solve the nuclear issue, too.

However, the administration turned down our just request and adopted it as its policy not to co-exist with the DPRK through the president's inaugural address and the state of the union address and the speech made by the secretary of State at the Congress hearing to get its approval.

The remarks made by senior officials of the administration clarifying the official political stance of the US contained no word showing any willingness to co-exist with the DPRK or make a switchover in its policy toward it.

On the contrary, they have declared it as their final goal to terminate the tyranny, defined the DPRK, too, as an "outpost of tyranny" and blustered that they would not rule out the use of force when necessary.

And they pledged to build a world based on the US view on value through the "spread of American style liberty and democracy".

The true intention of the second-term Bush administration is not only to further its policy to isolate and stifle the DPRK pursued by the first-term office but to escalate it. As seen above, the US has declared a new ideological stand-off aimed at a "regime change" in the DPRK while talking much about "peaceful and diplomatic solution" to the nuclear issue and the "resumption of the six-party talks" in a bid to mislead the world public opinion.

This is nothing but the far-fetched logic of gangsters, fully revealing as it does the wicked nature and brazen-faced double-dealing tactics of the US as a master of hatching plots and deception.

The DPRK has clarified its stand that it would not pursue anti-Americanism and would treat the US as a friendly nation if it were neither to slander the political system in the DPRK nor to interfere in its internal affairs. It has since made every possible effort to settle the nuclear issue and improve the bilateral relations.

However, the US interpreted this as a sign of weakness, defiled the dignified political system in the DPRK chosen by its people and wantonly interfered in its internal affairs. The US, turning down the DPRK's request to roll back its anti-DPRK hostile policy, a major stumbling block in the way of settling the nuclear issue, treated it as an enemy and, not content with this, totally rejected it, terming it "tyranny". This deprived the DPRK of any justification to negotiate with the US and participate in the six-party talks.

Is it not self-contradictory and unreasonable for the US to urge the DPRK to come out to the talks while negating its dialogue partner? This is the height of impudence.

The US now foolishly claims to stand by the people in the DPRK while negating the government chosen by the people themselves. We advise the US to negotiate with dealers in peasant markets it claims they are to its liking or with representatives of "the organisation of north Korean defectors" on its payroll if it wishes to hold talks.

The statement said that it is the trend of the new century and wish of humankind to go in for peace, co-existence and prosperity irrespective of differing ideology, system and religious belief.

The DPRK clarified:

First. We have wanted the six-party talks but we are compelled to suspend our participation in the talks for an indefinite period till we have recognised that there is justification for us to attend the talks and there are ample conditions and atmosphere to expect positive results from the talks.

The present deadlock of the six-party talks is attributable to the US hostile policy toward the DPRK.

There is no justification for us to participate in the six-party talks again given that the Bush administration termed the DPRK, a dialogue partner, an "outpost of tyranny", putting into the shade the hostile policy, and totally negated it.

Second. The US disclosed its attempt to topple the political system in the DPRK at any cost, threatening it with a nuclear stick. This compels us to take measures to bolster our nuclear weapons arsenal in order to protect the ideology, system, freedom and democracy chosen by the people.

The DPRK had already taken the resolute action of pulling out of the NPT and has manufactured nuclear weapons for self-defence to cope with the Bush administration's ever more undisguised policy of isolating and stifling the DPRK. These will remain a nuclear deterrent for self-defence under all circumstances.

The statement concludes by reiterating the DPRK’s principled stand to solve the issue through dialogue and negotiations and that its ultimate goal to denuclearise the Korean Peninsula remains unchanged.

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Letter from National Spokesperson
of RCPB(ML) to Kim Jong Il

February 16, 2005 (Juche 94)

Dear Comrade Kim Jong Il

On the occasion of the 63rd anniversary of your birth I should like to send you, on behalf of our Central Committee and entire Party, warmest congratulations and heartfelt good wishes.

This significant anniversary comes at a most critical time for the people of Korea, in the context of the great dangers facing the whole of humanity. The US imperialists with their British allies have stepped up their aggression and threats against the world’s peoples and have with sinister intent labelled the DPRK as an "outpost of tyranny". In these circumstances, the Korean government, under your leadership, have acted with resolution and initiative in defence of the ideology and the social system which the people of the DPRK have themselves chosen. This is an active response to the Anglo-American plans for "regime change" in the DPRK, and one which is in accord with the lofty sentiment of the people in defence of their freedom, democracy and sovereignty. It has demonstrated both to the world’s people and to the reactionaries themselves that the DPRK will never stand idly by and be humiliated by the Anglo-Americans, and that with this stand the people of the DPRK are constituting themselves as a powerful contingent of the bulwark of the progressive forces against darkest reaction.

In our view, it is a great credit to your personal leadership and the leadership of the Workers’ Party of Korea that the DPRK is resisting these aggressive and reactionary threats in this manner. We condemn with the utmost contempt the slanders of the Bush administration, shamefully echoed by the Blair government, against the DPRK.

On this occasion, as always, we stand shoulder to shoulder with you in our common cause and wish you long life and all success in your work to make the DPRK an impregnable fortress of progress and socialism.

With warmest fraternal regards,

Chris Coleman

National Spokesperson

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