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End the Occupation of Iraq!
Take Up the Task of Bringing into Being an Anti-War Government!

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End the Occupation of Iraq!
Take Up the Task of Bringing into Being an Anti-War Government!

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End the Occupation of Iraq!
Take Up the Task of Bringing into Being an Anti-War Government!

On March 19, the second anniversary of the US-led invasion of Iraq, RCPB(ML) salutes all the millions of justice-loving people in this country and around the world taking a stand against occupation, war and aggression. These actions are an expression of the people’s opposition to the path of wrecking and destruction along which Anglo-American imperialism is taking the world. This path is creating the most dangerous situation for the people on the world scale, as Bush and Blair step up their programme of aggression and intervention, undertaken in the name of “democracy”, “war against terrorism” and “opposing tyranny”, but in reality a programme of fascism and war.

            RCPB(ML) on this occasion calls on the working class and people to step up their demands of ending the occupation of Iraq, withdrawing all occupying forces, and ending all interference in the affairs of other nations. We call on the working class and people to strengthen their unity in struggle with all the world’s people taking a stand in defence of their sovereignty and against the use of force in international affairs.

            The invasion and occupation of Iraq has brought to the fore and deepened the crisis of legitimacy and credibility of the system of so-called “representative democracy”. It has shown the depths to which the ruling circles will sink to impose their archaic system around the world in the name of “conviction” and “universal values”. It has demonstrated the implacable opposition of these circles to the will of the people for peace, democracy and justice.

            It is a matter of principle that in this coming period, which the ruling circles in Britain have already de facto declared as a run-up to the next election, the people do not abandon their own experience and that the anti-war movement sticks to its aims. The anti-war movement must strengthen its unity by confronting the warmongering policy of the British government and continuing to build the movement dedicated to consolidating itself as a true bulwark against the growing darkest reaction and war.

            As the Iraqi people step up their resistance to the brutal and illegal occupation of their country, as the Palestinian people continue their struggle against the US-backed Israeli occupation and for their statehood, as the Korean people demand that the US end its threats against their country and get out of the Korean peninsula, through their struggles they are also affirming that Another World Is Possible! The British people are standing as one with these and other peoples internationally in their struggles, building a truly broad movement encompassing people from all walks of life, of different ideologies and backgrounds.

            Our Party calls on the people to intensify their fight to end the occupation of Iraq and to bring the troops home. It calls on the working class and people to take up the task of bringing into being an anti-war government which is accountable to the electorate, based on the following principles:

·        Outlaw any and all British involvement in wars of aggression and renounce the use of force in settling international affairs

·        Accept the principle of non-intervention in the internal affairs of other countries.

·        Recognise the sovereignty and equality of all nations

·        Adopt a foreign policy independent of the United States

·        Remove all British troops from foreign soil

·        End the militarisation of the economy

·        Pay reparations for all the crimes of British imperialism and colonialism

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