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March 19 Global Day of Action against War and Occupation!

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March 19 Global Day of Action against War and Occupation!

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March 19 Global Day of Action against War and Occupation!

On Saturday, on the eve of the second anniversary of the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq, well over 100,000 people marched through the streets of London to protest against the illegal war and continued occupation of Iraq, as well as the continual interference by all the big powers, headed by US imperialism, in the Middle East.

Start of the Rally In Trafalgar Square

Some estimates suggested that some 200,000 people demonstrated in a march that stretch from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square and passed the US Embassy in Grosvenor Square. The demonstration was so large that even though it began leaving from Hyde Park at 1pm people were still entering Trafalgar Square more than three hours later. Many people remarked on the massive numbers of demonstrators, especially at this time when the monopoly media has been conducting an offensive to disinform the population on the "democratisation" of the Middle East, the elections in Iraq, and that, despite its problems, "freedom" had come to the Iraqi people. But the people’s experience of the warmongering character of the occupation and of the programme of the British government cannot be denied.

The demonstration represented all sections of society

The demonstration was characterised not just by the large numbers of people who took part but the fact that it represented all sections of society: Muslims, Christians and other faith communities, pensioners and youth, people of all nationalities and from all walks of life united in their opposition to war in general, the actions of the big powers in regard to Iraq and other countries in the Middle East. Some placards and banners reflected the concern that the US and its allies might yet attempt to attack Iran, Syria and other countries, while thousands of placards condemned the role of Blair and the New Labour government.

The demonstration was particular vocal as it passed by the heavily guarded US Embassy, the first time that a demonstration has been permitted to take this route for many years. Marchers shouted slogans denouncing US imperialism and its chieftain George W Bush, and blew whistles and horns. Some demonstrators carried effigies of Bush and Blair and the march was also accompanied by the music and drumming of the many musicians who took part.

Amongst the banners and placards carried by marchers were the following: Bush, the butcher of Baghdad; No war on Iran; US-UK forces out of Iraq; Bring the troops home; War is the terrorism of the rich; Bush - world's No.1 terrorist; Against all wars; Imperialism out of Iraq - Labour Party war party; End the occupation of Iraq - End the torture; Free Palestine; 1805 Britannia rules the waves - 2005 Britain waives the rules.

A contingent of RCPB(ML) vigorously participated in the demonstration shouting slogans such as: "Occupation is Not Liberation - End the Occupation of Iraq", "What do we want? An anti-war government!" and "Another world is possible – We will create it!". Over 1,500 copies of the special edition of Workers’ Weekly with its main article "End the Occupation of Iraq! Take Up the Task of Bringing into Being an Anti-War Government!" were distributed on the march.

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