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Policies of RCPB( ML)

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Policies of RCPB( ML)

Draft Programme for the Working Class
The Health Service
Education and Tuition Fees
Street Crime
The Fraud of International Aid
The Environment
The “War on Terror”
Defend the Rights of Immigrants and People Seeking Asylum
The European Union
End the Occupation of Iraq! Take Up the Task of Bringing into Being an Anti-War Government!

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Policies of RCPB( ML)

On March 7, Channel 4 asked RCPB(ML), in common with other registered parties hoping to field candidates in the general election, to summarise in 100ish words in each of the ten topics below what their policies are, together with a brief resume of what the party is about. They were to post these on the election section of their website, “aimed at encouraging disaffected 18-24 year-olds to vote”. We are reproducing the material submitted by RCPB(ML). It appears that the site never went live.

Topics list:

1)      The Health Service

2)      Education – Tuition fees in particular

3)      Street Crime

4)      Aid for Developing Countries

5)      The Environment

6)      Terrorism

7)      Immigration/Asylum

8)      Transport

9)      Europe

10)  Iraq

Article Index

Draft Programme for the Working Class

Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist)

If the working class is to play its historical role and lead the entire society out of the crisis and open up a path for progress, it must have its own independent programme, that is, it must set its immediate and long-term aims.


The Immediate Programme is summarised by the following principles:

  1. Recognition of All Inviolable Rights.
  2. More into the Economy than is Taken Out.
  3. Democratic Renewal of the Political Process.
  4. Recognition of the Inviolable Right of all Peoples to Determine Their Own Affairs Nationally and Internationally.

The workers themselves must become worker politicians, and constitute themselves as the alternative to the party-dominated political system. It is the people who must decide the direction of the economy and become the decision-makers in society.

Our Party calls on the working class and people to utilise the next general election campaign to work for the election to Parliament of the best representatives of the workers, the youth, the women, the pensioners and the national minority communities. Only then will we have an anti-war, pro-social and pro-worker government which is accountable to the electorate.

Support Candidates of the Alternative!

Build the Workers’ Opposition to the " Third Way "!

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The Health Service

Everyone has a right to health care at the highest level that society can provide, and this right must be provided with a guarantee. Social programmes such as health and education should meet the needs of the people. For example, if they fall sick, the health service should be geared to cure them, irrespective of any other factors (such as location, or ability to pay, for instance). Meeting the needs of all human being for food, shelter, health, education, culture and material abundance is not served by capitalist consumer society.  Turning health care into a commodity will not prevent ill health or provide the best diagnostic and treatment when people become ill.

            Health care is not a commodity to be consumed . Its commodification is merely a way of justifying the unjustifiable, namely the making of “profit” by big business and the enrichment of individuals through being involved in the NHS.

Health Care Is a Right!

Safeguard the Future of the NHS!

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Education and Tuition Fees

A fully funded education system that meets society’s educational needs must be guaranteed. But in place of a planned and broad education system that meets the needs of the people, a market-led system that serves big business is being further instituted .

The political representatives of big business are attempting to sidestep society's responsibilities to its members and to promote their doctrine that all should fend for themselves. Why should the payment of dividends and interests on loans, both in the private and public sector take precedence over the funding of higher education? Why should these payments which are nothing other than the claim of the rich on the wealth produced by the people be paid at all? If there is a problem in funding higher education, why not impose a moratorium on dividend and interest payments which are a drain on the economy? Shouldn't the people whose work produces this wealth, namely the workers, not have a say over who should be prioritised in consuming it?

Education Is A Right!

Stop Paying the Rich – Increase Investments in Social Programmes!

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Street Crime

Our Party rejects all the attempts of the state to criminalise the youth wholesale, and it particularly condemns and opposes the criminalisation of behaviour as “anti-social”. This “opportunity society” blocks the youth at every turn, bombards their consciousness so as to encourage them to act against their own interests, marginalises them from political affairs, attempts to train them to take up the values of “good citizenship” or recruits them to wage its unjust and illegal wars. When the government is so intent on wrecking the fabric of society, it is rich for them to turn round and accuse the youth of being “anti-social”. The youth must use this election as part of their striving to build the alternative themselves.

It is the government’s behaviour that is anti-social!

End the criminalisation of the youth!

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The Fraud of International Aid

The rising gap internationally between the world’s people and the rich elites is growing. This is unconscionable. The UN’s "Millennium Development Goals" will not be met while relations of exploitation exist between states. The big powers, including Britain, are utilising notions of “weak” or “failing” states, for instance in regard to Africa, to further their “civilising mission”, in the same fashion as “the white man’s burden” was used to justify imperial conquest and occupation.

"Aid" continues to be tied to demands for so-called "good governance", which allows the big powers to continue their interference in other countries’ affairs.

The robbery of the world’s social product by the big powers must be ended. No net surplus of social product must be extracted by the big powers, including Britain , from the rest of the world. The net surplus social product that has been stolen from the oppressed countries in modern times must be returned.

Make Poverty History!

Pay Reparations for the Crimes of Colonialism and Imperialism!

One Humanity, One Struggle!

Another World is Possible – We Will Create It!

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The Environment

Environmental issues must be seen in the light of what is in the interests of human beings. This is a profound issue. The monopolies have no concern for environmental consequences internationally because they do not accept social responsibility. And because the ruling circles put the dictate of the monopolies in the first place their concern for the natural and social environment is subordinated to the anti-social offensive directed by the monopolies.

Of fundamental importance is that a people must be sovereign to exercise control over their natural and human resources. They must be in a position to provide legal guarantees for the protection of the environment in the interests of humanity.

Our Party fully supports the Kyoto Protocol and demands that it be implemented nationally and internationally. We are suspicious of the stand of the British government which, while in words supporting Kyoto, seems to find it impossible to stand up to the US on this issue.

Our Party also demands an end to the plunder of the natural resources of other countries by the British monopolies, and that Britain respect the sovereignty of all countries over their own resources.

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The “War on Terror”

The “war on terror” and the “prevention of terrorism” are being used to negate the established rule of law and implement a whole panoply of Acts which violate rights, criminalise dissent and dehumanise immigrants.

The argument that “civil rights must be balanced against security” goes against the needs of society. It is the working class and people who must themselves decide their own security agenda. To do so they must be informed and not disinformed, they must be free to make decisions calmly and rationally, not be subjected to the creation of a psychosis of fear.

Our Party stands for a modern rule of law which guarantees the rights and security of all citizens, as well as residents and visitors. Objective rights and duties must be established by means of a modern constitution, standing against the impunity of the state forces.

No to the Fascisation of the State! No to State Impunity!

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Defend the Rights of Immigrants and People Seeking Asylum

The government’s immigration and asylum Acts attack the basic rights of asylum seekers and refugees and assault the very idea of the rule of law, under the cloak of "dealing with the problem of asylum seekers". The government is overthrowing the rule of law and replacing it with arbitrary state authority.

It targets and demonises the categories of “illegal immigrants”, “bogus asylum seekers” and “Islamist fundamentalists”. The singling out of “asylum seekers” domestically is also part and parcel of attempting to justify aggression abroad. It is directed at the rights of all citizens, and whoever is present on the soil of Britain , in refusing to recognise the rights of all as human beings.

Our Party therefore calls for a just immigration and asylum policy which has as its starting point that all have rights as being human.

Defend the Rights of Refugees and Immigrants!

No One Is Illegal!

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The essence of the problem of transport is the failure of those in power to confront monopoly right, the bowing to the ownership rights of private monopolies when public right and public ownership through the state are the key to sorting out transport and other issues of the infrastructure. Successive governments have been wrecking the transport infrastructure, along with heavy industry and the manufacturing industry generally, in the name of privatisation. Whether it goes by the name of open privatisation, or the “Third Way” option of PFI, or the so-called need to raise funds for social programmes from the private sector, the aim has not been to serve the economy as a whole but for the rich to extract the maximum tribute from these national projects, or to dump them when more fabulous returns can be made on parasitic speculation or even wholesale annexations. The crux of the matter is that the monopolies cannot be allowed to set the national economic agenda.

Stop paying the rich – Increase investments in social programmes!

No public funds to private monopolies!

The public good must be paramount!

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The European Union

The entire project of integration of sovereign states into one European Union is a reactionary one based on the agenda of the EU monopolies to maximise their profits. It is one of colluding and competing with the US for world domination at the expense of the world's people. The proposed constitution is intended to advance this agenda in the present conditions of the neo-liberal onslaught of war, aggression and privatisation abroad and privatisation and suppression of rights at home.

As well as violating the political sovereignty of the member countries, subordinating them to Britain, France and Germany, and running against the modern conception of the rights of nations, it is intended to further concentrate power in the hands of the monopolies, and attempt to resolve the contradictions between them.

Our Party calls on the working class and people not to have any illusions about the dangers facing them from the signing of the EU constitution and to work to block its ratification.

Our Party calls for the disbandment of NATO, the EU and all imperialist blocs; for British troops to be withdrawn from all foreign countries and all foreign troops expelled from Britain. It calls for the recognition of the sovereignty rights of all nations and states.

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End the Occupation of Iraq!
Take Up the Task of Bringing into Being an Anti-War Government!

Our Party calls on the people to intensify their fight to end the occupation of Iraq and to bring the troops home. It calls on the working class and people to take up the task of bringing into being an anti-war government which is accountable to the electorate, based on the following principles:

·         Outlaw any and all British involvement in wars of aggression and renounce the use of force in settling international affairs

·         Accept the principle of non-intervention in the internal affairs of other countries.

·         Recognise the sovereignty and equality of all nations

·         Adopt a foreign policy independent of the United States

·         Remove all British troops from foreign soil

·         End the militarisation of the economy

·         Pay reparations for all the crimes of British imperialism and colonialism


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