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Call to the Working Class to Get Organised to Put an End to the Crisis and Bring About Change

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Call to the Working Class to Get Organised to Put an End to the Crisis and Bring About Change


May 1, 2005

The Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist) on this important occasion of May Day 2005 – the day of international working class unity in struggle – greets all the workers across England, Scotland and Wales who are fighting for their rights and to lift society out of the crisis. We greet the millions of workers all over the world who are doing the same.

            This year we especially celebrate the 30th anniversary of the victory of the heroic people of Vietnam against US imperialism, a victory which underlines both the utterly reactionary nature of US imperialism as it today seeks to dominate the globe, and the invincible character of the will of the people united in fighting for a just cause.

            May Day 2005 comes at a time of deepest reaction paved by US imperialism and its closest ally the British government. Eight years of New Labour has only served to intensify crisis and reaction. It has been a period where the old social-democratic arrangements of the state having been cast aside, all preparations have been made to put in place the arrangements of the corporate fascist state.

            With the May 5 election, the financial oligarchy is utilising the system of “representative democracy” to completely marginalise the people and deprive them of the power to have any say in decision-making in national and international affairs, so that any path to progress of society is blocked and the rule of the most reactionary sections of monopoly capital holds sway.

            It is using the May 5 General Election to confer legitimacy on the primacy of monopoly right – delivering public services to the private sector, attacks on democratic rights, resort to the use of arbitrary state power and involvement in wars of aggression. In this situation, it is imperative that the working class and people reject the fraud of “representative democracy”, and take up the task of organising for the alternative. In this respect, they must go all out to end the rule of the big parties and support candidates of the alternative.

            It is clearer than ever that the might of the working people must be organised in defence of their interests and behind a programme which is favourable to them. This is not an issue of choosing to support or oppose a political party but to ensure that the workers participate in setting the agenda for society. The way forward is to answer the question as to who runs the country by declaring that the working class must constitute itself as the nation and vest sovereignty in the people, and to develop the struggle and organisation to realise such a declaration. It is the independent programme of the working class which will provide the way forward:

           Stop Paying the Rich! Increase Investments in Social Programmes!

           For a society which recognises the rights of all and provides them with a guarantee!

           For the democratic renewal of the political process!

           Outlaw any and all British involvement in wars of aggression and renounce the use of force in settling international affairs!

           For the disbandment of NATO! No to the EU!

           For the right of all peoples and countries to determine their own destiny!

            On May Day 2005, RCPB(ML) calls on the workers to take up their historic mission to lift the society out of the crisis, and open the path to its progress.

Hail May Day!

Workers of All Countries, Unite!

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