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General Election Results:

The Working Class and People Must Consolidate their Gains and Get Organised against the Agenda of Fascism and War

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General Election Results:
The Working Class and People Must Consolidate their Gains and Get Organised against the Agenda of Fascism and War

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General Election Results:

The Working Class and People Must Consolidate their Gains and Get Organised against the Agenda of Fascism and War

The outcome of the May 5 general election indicates that far from the election resolving the problems facing the government’s legitimacy and credibility, the legitimacy crisis of the party-dominated system of government has deepened. The way forward in this situation is to build on the application of the human factor/social consciousness that was evident in the activists who stood in the election, representing their peers and taking a stand against the agenda of fascism at home and war and aggression abroad, and those who supported them.

            RCPB(ML) congratulates all those activists who put themselves forward as representatives of the people’s concerns and their fellow workers, and made such a mark in the election. It is the further development of this trend which will enable the people to unite around their own anti-war, pro-social, pro-worker agenda, challenge the status quo and smash down the blocks to society’s march to progress.

            The overriding feature of the election was that people are turning away from the discredited party-dominated system of representative democracy, and are demanding an alternative, one that gives them voice. Thus it was that the Labour Party was elected as the majority party in the first-past-the-post system with the lowest percentage of the vote in history. As the turn-out was little more than in 2001, which itself was the lowest since 1918 and the end of the first world war, it can be seen that the people have spoken against the rule of war criminals and those who duplicitously stand against the public good. In this sense the election result was a big success for the stand of the people against war and reaction, representing a big blow to the ruling elite under the present fraudulent electoral system. It points the way forward as to the shape of democratic renewal which is such an urgent necessity, the transformation of the political processes and institutions so as to reflect the people’s will not only at election time, but on an on-going basis. The situation is demanding that the people provide themselves with new mechanisms for their empowerment and to enable the producers to decide the fate of their social product.

            How easy will it be for the New Labour junta in the new parliament to hang on to and consolidate power? The mantra of Blair that the electorate have presented New Labour with a mandate is being smashed, just as the propaganda that this is a “historic third term” for Labour lost its credibility just as soon as it had been uttered as the overall results of the election became known.

            In these circumstances, already a kind of euphoria is being presented, with Labour’s reduced majority, that Blair will be removed and that this will bring about change. We have no objection to Blair’s going, but the issue – as well as the fact that Blair is now intent on riding roughshod over the people’s concerns while defensively arguing that this is the time to listen – is what alternative is being given rise to. For the workers to lead society out of the crisis, their representatives have to take a stand of principle, break with the chauvinism which is funnelled into the working class, and provide the workers with the consciousness and organisation around their own independent programme – independent, that is, of the programme of the bourgeoisie and the monopolies, and one which makes common cause with the workers and oppressed people in struggle throughout the world for dignity, sovereignty and an end to neo-liberal globalisation and all forms of exploitation.

            The danger of fascism and war is real. The May 5 election was held by the ruling elite primarily to consolidate this agenda and the arrangements in government and in the polity to facilitate it, to facilitate the unbridled dictate of the monopolies and the ordering of society to this end. But the fact that so many people felt disenfranchised and that they rejected the fraudulent “choice” between the big parties to make their voice heard, now also presents a great opportunity for the progressive forces. Our Party pledges to do its part in working enable the working class and people to grasp this opportunity and get organised against the agenda of fascism and war and to further develop the trend towards establishing forms which reflect the people’s concerns and their deep aspirations. The times demand that all democratic forces take up the task of enabling the workers, women, youth, and other sections of the people to decide their own destiny.

No to Fascism! No to War!

Another World Is Possible!

For a Socialist Britain!

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